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ABBOTT, J.C. 1986. Marketing improvement in the developing world. Economic and social development series 37. FAO, Rome. Manual on the FAO Marketing and Credit Group's experience over the last 20 years.

ASEAN-PHTRC. Village-level handling of fruit and vegetables; Prevention of moisture loss; Papaw and mango handling, Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture, University of Philippines, Laguna, Philippines. Village-level, appropriate postharvest advice published in various bulletins.

DEBNEY, H.G. et al. Product manual, handling and storage practices for fresh fruit and vegetables. Australian United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Association, Australian Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, Australia. A manual on postharvest practices, well illustrated with individual crop recommendations.

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FAO. 1977. The Modern Farm Business, and The Farm Business Survey. Better Farming Series, FAO, Rome. These booklets explain agricultural business advice in simple English and with line drawings.

HARRIS, S.R. 1986. Improvements of post-harvest fresh fruits and vegetables handling--a manual. FAO, and Association of food marketing agencies in Asia and Pacific (AFMA), Bangkok. An excellent manual. Not only good technical information but also the postharvest advice is seen in context of the wider issues of marketing and the marketing system.

ITC. 1988. (International Trade Centre, UNCTAD/GATT) Manual on the packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, Geneva. A comprehensive review of packaging methods, with particular emphasis on export packaging.

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SCHUBERT, Berndt. 1983. Market information services. FAO, Agricultural Services Bulletin 57. A review of FAO's experience in establishing Market Information Services.

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