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This manual could not have been written without the generous assistance of many people.

Firstly, my thanks go to Hr. Thomas Darrell Glenn and his wife Suki of Glenn Apiaries, Fallbrook, California, who, concerned for the development of African apiculture, enabled me and my wife to spend a year with him and not only helped us to master his queen-raising techniques but exposed us to general scientific apiculture practiced in the United States. Mr. Bob White, the Editor of "The Enterprise", Fallbrook, should also accept my thanks for editing the manuscript.

I am grateful to Intermediate Technology Publications Ltd. of London for authorizing me to use material from my earlier work, The Golden Insect (1981), and Dadant and Sons Inc. of Illinois for allowing me to reproduce drawings of bee anatomy from The Hive and the Honey Bee (1954).

Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to Mrs. Marlene Moshage, a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer based in Ghana, for her suggestions, and Miss Angela Pamford and Miss Grace Anderson, from the Technology Consultancy Centre, U.S.T., Kumasi, Ghana, for typing some of the manuscript.

S.O. Adjare

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