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1.1 Generalized map of arid and semi-arid regions
2.1 Risk of failure of improved varieties
2.2 Coefficient of variation of annual rainfall
4.1 Types of bench terraces
4.2 Progressive slope reduction with 'fanya juu' terraces
4.3 Sketch of a contour bund
4.4 Intermittent terraces
5.1 Soil surface modification for rainfall retention
5.2 Alternative crop and row arrangements on broad beds
5.3 Conservation bench terraces compared with other practices
5.4 Improved soil moisture from contour bunds
5.5 Simple structures to retain surface run-off
5.6 Shaping the soil surface into run-off and run-on areas
5.7 A non-symmetrical furrow former
5.8 The effect on soil moisture of contour ridges and furrows, and mulching in the furrow
5.9 Ridging in Botswana
5.10 Floodwater farming in Arizona by Navajo Indians
5.11 A run-off farming system from Kenya
5.12 Run-off diversion and spreading in Australia
5.13 Sketch of a 'khadin' or submergence tank
5.14 A small flood diversion scheme in Tigre, Ethiopia
5.15 A pilot project in Turkana, Kenya, diverting flood water onto pasture and crop land
5.16 The main areas of dark heavy clay soils in the tropics and subtropics
6.1 Roaded catchments are widely used in Western Australia for harvesting run-off
6.2 Plan of a small earth dam with a cut spillway
6.3 A reservoir with a natural spillway into an adjacent watercourse
6.4 A reservoir with a mechanical (pipe) spillway and an emergency spillway
6.5 Installation of an outlet pipe under a dam wall
6.6 An earth dam with an impermeable clay core
6.7 Examples of small weirs
6.8 Off-stream storage in a tank dam
6.9 Off-stream storage in a ring dam
6.10 Off-stream storage in a turkey's nest dam
6.11 Horizontal wells
6.12 The 'qanat' system of horizontal wells
7.1 Changes in cattle population (a) Mambilla Plateau, Nigeria, 1930-1980(b) Swaziland, 1947-1980
7.2 A modified disc plough for making pits on range land
7.3 Plan and cross-section of a negarin plot
7.4 Small microcatchments for trees, Baringo, Kenya
7.5 Combination of stone lines (cordons) with tree planting, Niger

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