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1 Animal breeding: selected articles of World Animal Review, 1977(C*E*F*S*)
2 Eradication of hog cholera and African swine fever, 1976 (E* F* S*)
3 Insecticides and application equipment for tsetse control, 1977 (E* F*)
4 New feed resources, 1977 (E/F/S*)
5 Bibliography of the criollo cattle of the Americas, 1977 (E/S*)
6 Mediterranean cattle and sheep in crossbreeding, 1977 (E* F*)
7 Environmental impact of tsetse chemical control, 1977 (E* F*)
7. Rev Environmental impact of tsetse chemical control, 1977 (E* F*)
8 Declining breeds of Mediterranean sheep, 1978 (E* F*)
9 Slaughterhouse and slaughterslab design and construction, 1978 (E* F* S*)
10 Treating straw for animal feeding, 1978 (C* E* F* S*)
11 Packaging, storage and distribution of processed milk, 1978 (E*)
12 Ruminant nutrition: selected articles from World Animal Review, 1978 (C* E* F* S*)
13 Buffalo reproduction and artificial insemination, 1979 (E**)
14 The African trypanosomiases, 1979 (E* F*)
15 Establishment of dairy training centres, 1979 (E*)
16 Open yard housing for young cattle, 1981 (E* F* S*)
17 Prolific tropical sheep, 1980 (E* F* S*)
18 Feed from animal wastes: state of knowledge, 1980 (E*)
19 East Coast fever and related tick-borne diseases, 1980 (E* S*)
20/1 Trypanotolerant livestock in West and Central Africa, 1980 Vol. 1 — General study (E* F*)
20/2 Trypanotolerant livestock in West and Central Africa, 1980 Vol. 2 — Country studies (E* F*)
20/3 Le bétail trypanotolérant en Afrique occidentale et centrale Vol. 3 — Bilan d'une décennie, 1988 (F*)
21 Guideline for dairy accounting, 1980 (E*)
22 Recursos genéticos animales en América Latina, 1981 (S*)
23 Disease control in semen and embryos, 1982 (E* F* S*)
24 Animal genetic resources — conservation and management, 1981 (E*)
25 Reproductive efficiency in cattle, 1982 (E* F* S*)
26 Camels and camel milk, 1982 (E*)
27 Deer farming, 1982 (E*)
28 Feed from animal wastes: feeding manual, 1982 (E*)
29 Echinococcosis/hydatidosis surveillance, prevention and control: FAO/UNEP/WHO guidelines, 1982 (E*)
30 Sheep and goat breeds of India, 1982 (E*)
31 Hormones in animal production, 1982 (E*)
32 Crop residues and agro-industrial by-products in animal feeding, 1982 /E/F*)
33 Haemorrhagic septicaemia, 1982 (E* F*)
34 Breeding plans for ruminant livestock in the tropics, 1982 (E* F* S*)
35 Off-tastes in raw and reconstituted milk, 1983 (E* F* S*)
36 Ticks and tick-borne diseases: selected articles from World Animal Review, 1983 (E* F* S*)
37 African animal trypanosomiasis: selected articles from World Animal Review, 1983 (E* F*)
38 Diagnosis and vaccination for the control of brucellosis in the Near East, 1983 (E* Ar*)
39 Solar energy in small-scale milk collection and processing, 1983 (E* F*)
40 Intensive sheep production in the Near East, 1983 (E* Ar*)
41 Integrating crops and livestock in West Africa, 1983 (E* F*)
42 Animal energy in agriculture in Africa and Asia, 1984 (E/F*)
43 Olive by-products for animal feed, 1985 (Ar* E* F* S*)
44/1 Animal genetic resources conservation by management, data banks and training, 1984 (E*)
44/2 Animal genetic resources cryogenic storage of germplasm and molecular engineering 1984 (E*)
45 Maintenance systems for the dairy plant, 1984 (E*)
46 Livestock breeds of China, 1985 (E*)
47 Réfrigération du lait a la ferme et organisation des transports, 1985 (F*)
48 La fromagerie et les variétés de fromages du bassin méditerranéen, 1985 (F*)
49 Manual for the slaughter of small ruminants in developing countries, 1985 (E*)
50 Better utilization of crop residues and by-products in animal feeding: research guidelines — 1. State of knowledge, 1985 (E*)
50/2. Better utilization of crop residues and by-products in animal feeding: research guidelines - 2. A practical manual for research workers, 1986 (E*)
51. Dried salted meats: charque and carne-de-sol, 1985 (E*)
52. Small-scale sausage production, 1985 (E*)
53. Slaughterhouse, cleaning and sanitation, 1985 (E*)
54. Small ruminats in the Near East: Vol. I, 1986 (E*) Selected papers presented at Tunis Expert Consultation
55. Small ruminats in the Near East: Vol. II, 1986 (E* Ar*) Selected papers from World Animal Review
56. Sheep and goats in Pakistan, 1985 (E*)
57. Awasssi Sheep, 1985 (E*)
58. Small ruminant production the developing countries, 1986 (E*)
59/1. Animal genetic resources data banks, 1986 (E*) 1 - Computers systems study for regional data banks
59/2. Animal genetic resources data banks, 1986 (E*) 2 - Descriptor lists for cattle, buffalo, pigs, sheep and goats
59.3 Animal genetic resources data banks, 1986 (E*) 3 - Descriptor lists for poultry
60. Sheep and goats in Turkey, 1986 (E*)
61. The Przewalski horse and restoration to its natural habitat in Mongolia, 1986 (E*)
62. Milk and dairy products: production and processing costs, 1988 (E* F* S*)
63. Proceddings of the FAO expert consultation on the substituion of imported concentrate feeds in animal production systems in developing countries, 1987 (E*)
64. Poultry management and diseases in the Near East, 1987 (Ar*)
65. Animal genetic resources of the USSR, 1989 (E*)
66. Animal genetic resources - strategies for improved use and conservation, 1987 (E*)
67/1. Trypantolerant cattle and livestock development in West and central Africa Vol. I, 1987 (E*)
67/2. Trypanotolerant cattle and livesstock development West and Central Africa Vol. II, 1987 (E*)
68. Crossbredding bos indicus and bos taurus for milk production in the tropics, 1987 (E*)
69. Village milk processing, 1988 (E* F*)
70. Sheep and goat meat production in the humid tropics of West Africa, 1988 (E/F*)
71. The development of village based sheep production in West Africa, 1988 (E* F* S*)
72. Sugarcane as feed, 1988 (E/F*)
73. Standard design for small-scale modular slaughterhouses, 1988 (E*)
74. Small ruminats in the Near East, Volume III: North Africa, 1988 (E*)
75. The eradication of ticks, 1989 (E/F*)
76. Ex situ cryoconservation of genomes and genes of endangered cattle breeds by means of modern biotechnolificallmethods, 1989 (E*)
77. Traning manual for embryo transfer in cattle, 1989 (E*)
78. Milking, milk production hygiene and udder health, 1989 (E*)
79. Manual of simple methods of meat preservation, 1989 (E*)
80. Animal genetic resource - a global programme for sustaibable development, 1990 (E*)
81. Valternary diagnostic bacteriology - a manual of laboratory procedures of selected diseases of livestock, 1990 (E*)
82. Reproductioin in camels - a review, 1990 (E*)
83. Training manual on artificial insemination in sheet and goats, 1991 (E*)
84. Training manual for embryo trasfer in water-buffaloes, 1991 (E*)
85. The technology traditional lmilk products in developing conuntries, 1990 (E*)
86. Feeding dairy cows in the tropics, 1990 (E*)
87. Manual for the production of antrax and blackleg vaccines, 1991 (E*)
88. Small ruminant production and small ruminant genetic resource in tropical Africa, 1991 (E*)

Availability: May 1991

Ar - Arabic * Available
C - Chinese * * Out of print
E - English* * * In preparation
F - French
S - Spanish

The FAO Technical papers are abailable through autorized FAO Sales Agents or directly from Distribution and Sales Section, FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy;

ISBN 92-5-102998-9

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