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Table 1 A classification of small ruminant production types and systems in sub-Saharan Africa
Table 2 Characteristics of small ruminant production systems in West Africa
Table 3 Small ruminant production systems in Cote d'Ivoire
Table 4 Ecology and management of goats and sheep in semi-arid Africa
Table 5 Biophysical characteristics and livestock ownership patterns in highland central Africa
Table 6 Ownership patterns of sheep and goats in the agro-pastoral area in central Mali
Table 7 Patterns of small ruminant ownership in the humid zone of south-west Nigeria
Table 8 Livestock ownership in agro-pastoral and pastoral societies in Kenya and Chad
Table 9 Flock structures in relation to management objectives (as per cent of animals)
Table 10 Stratification of Macina flocks in Mali, with demographic characteristics of each
Table 11 Contribution of different fodder sources (per cent) to the diet of domestic herbivores in Kenya
Table 12 Time (per cent) spent on different fodder sources by three domestic species in central Mali
Table 13 Seasonal contribution to human milk supply by different livestock species in Turkana, northern Kenya
Table 14 Productivity indices for different livestock species in Mali
Table 15 Ratios of variation (maximum:minimum) of productivity indices for three domestic species in Mali
Table 16 Effects of drought on livestock in a Masai agro-pastoral system at Loitokitok, Kenya
Table 17 Contribution of cattle, goats and sheep to recorded slaughterin four Sahel countries before and after a drought (per cent of '000 TLUs)
Table 18 Areas of distribution and production aptitudes of some African goat types
Table 19 Areas of distribution and production aptitudes of some African sheep types
Table 20 Goat flock size distribution in Botswana
Table 21 Goat flock structure and breeding status from 160 multiple owner flocks in Swaziland
Table 22 Body measurements and body mass of female Landim goats
Table 23 Monthly average body weights of male and female Nubian kids weaned at 10 weeks and fed a 29.8 per cent crude protein concentrate ad lib from 4 weeks
Table 24 Morphological characteristics of West African Long-legged goats
Table 25 Owners' recall data of litter sizes of Sahel goats: in central Mali
Table 26 Age (months) and reproductive history of Fulani (Voltaïque) goats in Burkina Faso
Table 27 Weight changes (maximum and minimum averaged for 6 years) by sex and age in central Mali an goats expressed as percentages of mean annual weight
Table 28 Reproductive data established from owner recall in 116 flocks of sedentary Red Sokoto goats in Kaduna state, northern Nigeria
Table 29 Weights (kg) at early age of Sokoto goats at Maradi research centre in 1986
Table 30 Small ruminant flock sizes in various agro-ecological zones on the Kenya coast
Table 31 Birth weights (kg) of Malawi kids under various management systems
Table 32 Distribution and importance of the West African Dwarf goat
Table 33 Weights at specific ages of West African Dwarf goats in a southern Senegal traditional system as affected by different variables (n=933 animals at 1 month)
Table 34 Some components of productivity of Sudan Desert sheep at El Huda, Sudan
Table 35 Lambing data for 24 flocks of sedentary sheep in central Mali
Table 36 Comparative weights of Moutons de Case and extensively reared sheep in central Mali
Table 37 Reproductive careers based on owner recall in Touareg sheep in the Gourma of Mali
Table 38 Reproductive data established from owner recall in 106 flocks of sedentory Yankasa sheep in Kaduna state, northern Nigeria
Table 39 Weights (kg) of Mossi sheep at You, Burkina Faso, as affected by some environmental variables
Table 40 Milk yields of Vogan ewes in Togo
Table 41 Multiple births by Djallonké ewes in various West African countries
Table 42 Birth weights (kg) of Djallonké sheep from various countries and as affected by a number of variables
Table 43 Production traits of Ethiopia sheep types under station management
Table 44 Sheep flock structure (per cent of 547 animals) on a Masai group ranch in south-central Kenya
Table 45 Weights (kg) of East African Blackhead and lambs at Mbarara, Uganda
Table 46 Reproductive data established from owner recall in traditional flocks of long-fat-tailed sheep in Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire
Table 47 Birth weights (kg) of Burundi long-fat-tailed sheep
Table 48 Carcass composition of castrate and female Tswana sheep
Table 49 Body measurement and body mass of female Landim sheep
Table 50 Weights (kg) at various ages of Blackhead sheep in a central Somalia traditional system

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