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Solvent Extraction Plant for 200 tpd soybeans.

Date: October 4, 1990

THE FRENCH OIL MILL MACHINERY COMPANY recommends the following equipment to process 200 metric tons of soybeans per 24 hour day into hulls, high protein soybean meal, and crude soybean oil.



101. Scalper
102. Cleaner
103. Drum Magnet Separator
104. Cracking Mills
105. Dehulling Equipment
106. Hull Toaster
107. Hull Grinder
108. Bean Conditioner
109. Flaking Mills
110. Enhancer Pellet Presses
111. Pellet Dryer/Cooler
112. Meal Sifters
113. Meal Grinders
114. Dust Aspiration Equipment
115. Engineering



201. Extractor Feed Conveyor
202. Stationary Basket Extractor
203. Spent Material Conveyor
204. Vapor Slide Gate
205. Desolventizer Toaster Dryer Cooler
206. Vapor Scrubber
207. First Stage Evaporator
208. Miscella/Oil Interchanger
209. Second Stage Evaporator
210. Final Oil Stripper
211. Stripper Condenser
212. Primary Condenser
213. Vapor Contactor
214. Final Vent Condenser
215. Mineral Oil System
216. Solvent Heater
217. Instrumentation
218. Engineering


PRICE. SECTION I & II, EX FACTORY: $ 1,568,710.00

Screw-press extraction plant for 40 tpd of soybeans

Date: October 4, 1990

THE FRENCH OIL MILL MACHINERY COMPANY recommends the following equipment to process, through full press extraction, 40 metric tons of soybeans or peanuts per 24 hour day into high fat meal, and crude oil.



101. Meats Bin
102. Drum Magnet Separator
103. Cracking Mills
104. Flaking Mills
105. Conditioner
106. Press
107. Oil Elevator
108. Oil Settling Tank
109. Oil Filter
110. Press Pumps
111. Press instrumentation
112. Engineering

PRICE. EX FACTORY: $ 647,240.00

Extruder-Expeller Process Plant for 500-600 pounds raw material per hour.
Date: 1990

End Products: Unrefined Soy Oil, Soy Meal/Flour

One Model 75 Grain Cleaner with set of 20 screens                           2 H.P. $ 4,800.00

One Model 100 A Roller Mill, 5 HP hopper and
stand. Includes collector hopper for 6"                                      screw auger. $ 6,594.00

One Model 600 Extruder, 50 HP/50-60 Hz. with
automatic feeder/blender hopper, control panel,
barrel assembly, base and stand. Spares incl.                                               $ 22,600.00

One Model 600 Expeller, 15-20 HP with v-belt drive.
Supplied with double steel gear sets and feeder box.                                    $ 27,000.00

One Model 400 Exhausted conditioner-cooler. Unit
is complete with revolving drum and support frame
on adjustable height casters. 1.5 HP.                                                            $ 5,500.00

One Model 5-12/CS/IP Filter Press, 2 HP. Supplied
with ratchet wrench and pressure gauge.                                                      $ 11,225.00

One Model F80 Kettle with self contained heat/steam
source, 84 amps. Model 20 Hammermill, 7.5 HP with
feed regulating table, set of screens.                                                            $ 15,650.00

Lot conveyors, 2-3 HP each, a total of 5.
Includes one extruder-expeller interface conveyor                                        $ 9,800.00

Lot magnets.                                                                                                $ 2,200.00

Total volume: Approx. 1100 cu.ft.
Total weight export crated Approx. 11,000 lbs.

Total in USD. F.O.B. Seymour, Illinois.                                                   $ 112,124.00

OPTIONS: See BAR Budget Quotation for Extruded/Formed Products.

Extruded/Formed Products Plant, 500/800 lbs/hr.
Date: 1990

End Products: Weaning foods, Soups, Breakfast foods, Animal/pet food.
Electrics: 50/60 Hz.

One Model 755 Grain Cleaner with set of 20 screens,
machine stand, charging elevator and hopper
with drive. 3/4 HP, 2000 lbs/hr capacity.
58.5"Hx53.5"x39"W. Weight-200lbs.                                               $ 4,400.00
One Model 30 Hammer Mill with Blower Discharge
Package. Includes Basic Mil, feed regulating
table, set of screens, motor mounting bracket
with 15 HP motor, v-belt and pulleys, dust
collector and bagging attachment. Includes
a collector and bagging attachment. Includes
a magnet in feed table. Capacity varies
depending on material and screen size. Floor
space required 39"x56".
Feed opening size 12" wide x 6" deep.
Recommended operating speed 2500-3000 RPM.
Weight- 420 lbs.                                                                                $ 7,200.00

One Model S-1 Mixer with ribbon agitator.
Designated to mix free flowing ingredients
which do not exceed 35 lbs per cubic feet.
Tank capacity 8 cubic feet. Mixing capacity
6 cubic feet. HP is 1.5. Drive shaft RPM is
284. Agitator RPM is 48, dimensions are
40"Lx18"Wx21"H. Loading height is 56".
Outlet size is 7"x7". Overall dimensions
are 50"Lx22"Wx56"H. Steel in tank and ends
is 16 gauge. Weight is 300 lbs.                                                           $ 6,667.00
                                                                                         for c/s construction
                                                                                                       $ 12,928.00
                                                                                         for s/s construction

One Mechanical full capacity beam scale for Si
mixer. Provides 400 lbs net weighting capacity
in addition to offsetting weight of mixer.
Beams are graduated 500 lbsx1 lb. Steel
platform is provided to fit base of mixer.
Metric version available.                                                                 $ 4,469.00

One Model 600 Dry Extruder complete with
automatic feeder/blender hopper, control
panel, barrel assembly, base and stand.

Standard motor supplied with model 600
extruder is 50 hp/240v/460v/60Hz/3 phase.
Motor RPM is 1725. Extruder RPM is 550.
Amps at 240v is 120. Amps at 460v is 60.
Other voltages and 50 Hz motors also available.
Standard unit is carbon steel. Shipped
with spares for one year.                                                              $ 22,595.00

One Outboard Cutter for 600 Extruder. Unit is
powered by a 3 HP variable speed motor.
Dimensions are 45"Hx18"Wx41"L. Required amps
at 440v - 3 phase is 13.Weight is 363 lbs.
Unit on casters.                                                                            $ 6,500.00

One Cooler-model 400 exhausted conditioner-cooler,
recommended for use with one model 600 extuder.
Unit is complete with revolving drum and support
frame on adjustable height casters. Unit supplied
with motors. One 1/2 hp for drum and 1/3 hp
for exhaust fan. Customer to supply ducting
to outside.                                                                                   $ 5,500.00

One Model 36 Scalper with ball rack screen cleaning
system, supplied with screen of choice and one
spare, complete with 1/3 hp motor. Capacity
depends on screen size, rated at 6000 lbs/hr.                               $ 4,200.00

1 lot interprocess and general/utility augers.
All augers have galvanized trough/tube type
housing for long service. Complete with motor
mount, motor, belt guard, auger pulley belt and
intake guard. Augers are 6". Electric motors
rated at 2 to 3 hp/1 ph/50-60 cycles. Conveyor
lengths are 11',15' or 20'. Shipping weight is
170 lbs - average.                                                                     $ 6,725.00

One Water manifold with injector, for model 600
extruder. Includes pump and flow control.                                $ 1,200.00

Set extra spares for approx. 1 year based on
8-10 hour/day operation of equipment.                                   $ 4,200.00

One Rotomatic JR. Vibratory fed net weighing
open mouth bag filler with rotary bucket. Unit
includes 3 section rotary bucket (aluminium),
1/2 cu.ft. capacity sections, mild steel
construction, #'Dia. spout, 45A eriez vibratory
feeder, heavy duty casters with locks. Unit
also includes sealing/sewing head and bagging
conveyor model 7000.                                                          $ 12,600.00

Lot/set of 3 dies for extruder. Standard
shapes and sizes. $ 600.00

Lot magnets                                                                            $ 1,200.00

Volume: approx.-900 cu.ft. Weight approx.8000 lbs.
Total with c/s construction S-1 Mixer.                                  $ 88,056.00
Total with s/s construction S-1 Mixer.                                  $ 94,317.00


1. Equipment consolidation and containerization
F.O.B. closest U.S. Port of Exit                                             $ 6,500.00

2. Training in the U.S.A. at the University of
Illinois and at BAR's pilot plant.                                           $ 8,800.00

3. On-site start-up - $500.00 per day plus
return airfare business class from Champaign, IL USA

4. Hach food and feed analysis system for quality
control, F.O.B. Seymour, IL USA                                        $ 9,800.00

5. Stainless Steel options recommended for human
foods production depending on local regulations.
Includes stainless steel extruder hopper, stain-
less steel cooler, stainless steel conveyors from
output of extruder up to and including out put
from cooler. (add to c/s construction quote.)                       $ 9,800.00

6. Pre-engineered skidded system. System can be
preassembled and prewired for continuous operation.
Consult BAR Export/Import's Engineering Coordinator.

7. If raw materials is not free of stones add
$6,500.00 for a model AS-1 Destoner.

This summary price quotation does not include the following:

a. Installation of equipment and storage/surge bins. BAR Export/Import will supply layout drawings free of charge after order is confirmed. If customer has existing building or is modifying an existing facility drawing of such must be provided to BAR Export/Import before layout drawing can be supplied.
b. Electrical panel and starters. BAR Export/Import will provide advice on the proper selection of these items.
c. Utilities and their connections.

Soymilk Plant, INTSOY (Illinois) process,
220 liters/hr.
Date: 1990

One Model AS Destoner, 1 HP 800-1000 lbs/hr capacity
33"Hx37"Lx21"W, 148 lbs.

One Grain Cleaner Model 75, Complete with charging
hopper,tow eccentric cleaning action shoes, for
four screen separation and air system, including
all necessary power attachements, machine stand,
charging elevator with hopper and belt guard.
Supplied with set of 20 screens.
Shipping weight: Approximately 900 lbs.
Dimensions - 60"Wx40"Wx60"H. 3/4 HP motor
included with both cleaner and charging elevator.

Two Blanch kettles Model F-8, stainless steel
jacketed kettle,interior constructed of type 316
stainless steel with a No. 4 sanitary finish.
Kettle exterior constructed of type 304 stainless
steel with a buff finish. Kettle dimensions to be
approximately 32" inside diameter by 29" deep.
Jacket designed and stamped for 45 psi ASME code
and National Board registered. Kettle rim
reinforced with 3/8" wire. Outlet, threaded or
tri-clamp type. Kettle to be mounted on stainless
steel tube legs with adjustable floor flanges.
Legs attach to kettle by means of sanitary design
fully enclosed leg sockets,
Approx.Dims:48"Lx45"Wx48"H ea. WT:200 lb ea

Two Blanch Baskets. Designed for use with
Kettle F-8. Baskets are the proper mesh for soybeans.
Unit is heavy duty all welded construction, built to
the contour of the kettle. Supplied with style b lift
out handles. Units are stainless steel. Units are
shipped inside black kettles F-8.

Three Stainless Steel Seed Bucket Trays. Chip proof,
crack proof, corrosion resistant. Non-porous surface.
Sloped sides. Trays nest. Dimensions 25"Lx31"Wx5"H.
Capacity: 6 3/4 gallons. 75 lbs.

One Model 300 Grinding Mill. Unit equipped with direct
drive for standard C face motor, Hot water/steam
injection option, sanitary finish, rugged construction,
screens are circular. Includes pedestal, 2 screens,
1 spare rotor, 2 shaft seals, and 2 spare flow discs.
Unit equipped with 3 HP motor.
Approx. dims:48"Lx48"Wx48H. Approx. wt. 200 lbs.

One Hot water Kettle - same as blanch kettle .

Ten Transfer buckets - 18-8 stainless steel
transfer/stock pots with covers, seamless drawn.
60 gts. Outside diameter is 16". Outside depth is
18 3/4 inches, 19 gauge.
Approx. dims: 48"Lx48"Wx36"H. Wt: 200 lbs.

One Extractor. Unit designed to extract 5 gallons
per minute of slurry from BMT 300 Grinding Mill.
Designed to be fulled with transfer buckets of
with pump. Equipped with drive and reducer. Unit
driven from the bottom. Dimensions approximately
30" diameter x 50" high. Shipping weight
approximately 280 lbs.

Two Cookers - same as blanch kettles.

One Cooler THX model/ 8" x 30 feet, two tube heat
exchanger. The outer tube is 4" outside diameter type
304 stainless steel and the inner tube will be 1 1/2"
outside diameter, type 304 stainless steel with a
No. 4 finish. The heat exchanger will be designed
to cool 1.7 gpm of soymilk from 200 degrees to
45 degrees F using 1,452 lbs/hr of 27 degrees F R-22.
Unit complete with 15 HP R-22 unit.
Approx. dims: 20`Lx5`Wx4`H. WT: 800 lbs.

One Cooler supply tank/balance tank. Unit to feed
cooler from cooker. Equipped with return line from

Three Pumps - USDA approved, for processing system.

Lot stainless steel piping and fittings.

Lot essential equipment. Includes mixing paddles,
thermometer, scoops, buckets and measures.
Approx. WT: 150 lbs.

SUBTOTAL BASIC PROCESS EQUIPMENT                                  $ 135,377.50

One Homogenizer Model LAB 100 3Pa. Capacity 250
liters/hr at 3000 psi. Complete with 2 stage
homogenization valve. 50/60 Hz, 2.2 kw.                                          $ 20,687.00

Cleaver-Brooks/Coates Model S-120-24 vertical
electric steam boiler having an electrical
rating of 24KW and an output of 820.000 BTU/hour.
oiler is constructed to ASME Boiler and
Pressure Vessel Code, Section I, with a design
pressure of 150 psi. The boiler also bears
the UL Label. The boiler is assembled on a steel
sub-base with pressure vessel insulation, sheet
metal jacket and control panel. Main lugs for
electrical connections are furnished along with
supplemental internal fusing for all heating
circuits. The boiler is also furnished with
single high pressure limit control,
McDonnell-Miller No.157 pump control and low
water cutoff, one on/off pressure switch,
control circuit transformer with circuit primary
fusing and secondary control power switch/on, high
pressure and low water, Incology heating elements
rated at 75 wpsi, ASME pressure relief valve,
pressure gauge, feedwater stop and check valves,
bottom blowdown valves, sight gauge with drain and
guards.                                                                                                $ 5,490.00

Cleaver-Brooks Packaged Feedwater System,
Model DP-3F-2. System will be complete with
18" diameter x 43" long, 45 gallon receiver tank.
Receiver will be furnished with a makeup valve,
gauge glass set and thermometer. Two boiler
feedwater pumps will be furnished having a
capacity of 3 GPM at 155 psi discharge pressure.
Each pump will be furnished complete with base,
coupling, 2 HP open drip proof motor, strainer
and pressure gauge. A magnetic across the line
starter will be furnished. All of the above to
be mounted , piped and wired on a structural steel
stand. On the basis of 100% makeup, we are also
including a preheat assembly to preheat makeup
water prior to pumping to boiler.                                                       $ 7,072.00

One Model 150 Pure Pack Carton Machine. Unit is
designed for one operator to form, fill and seal
gable-top cartons with automatic machine quality
liquid tight seals. Dims: 26"Wx66"Lx74"H.
Electrics: 220v/1ph/50-60 cy/10 amps.
Spares included.                                                                               $ 51,425.00

TOTAL, F.O.B. Seymour Illinois,Export crated:                           $ 220,052.00


Blending- for different flavours
(using the same packaging as soymilk)                                           $ 38,000.00

Yogurt a.) 72 quarts/24 hours, manual filling                                  $ 12,000.00
     b.)144     "                         "          "                                      $ 22,000.00

Ice Cream- 100 Gal./hr., semi-automatic filling,
100% overrun.                                                                               $ 45,000.00


For detailed economic information, including total capital requirements and operating costs, we refer you to Alfred Batholomai's "Food Factories" (VH Verlagsgesellschaft, Weinheim, Germany) which contains chapters covering a complete Soybean Oil Extraction Plant, a Soybean Oil Refinery, a Tofu Plant and Soymilk Plant.

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