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Soybean is truly a wonder plant. It provides us with cooking oil and valuable protein. It grows in temperate as well as in tropical and usb-tropical locations. Because it is a legume, it requires much less fertilizaer than other crops.

This book describes the processing of soybeans into oil and meal by both proessing and solvent extraction; the refining of the oil into deodorized and stable cooking oil; the desolventizing of the meal and its processing into flours, grits, protein concentrates (70% protein) and isolates (90% protein). It covers also the processing into texturized vegetable jprotein used as an ingredient in various food products, including "vegetarians'" meat. It also describes the process that yields soymilk, tofu, tempeh, soy sauce and miso.

It includes information on the cost of equipment for a solvent extraction plant, an extruder-expeller plant, an extruded formed products plant and a soymilk plant.

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