11. Acknowledgements

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The author is grateful to the persons listed below for their assistance in the collection of data during the field mission. He would also like to acknowledge the assistance received from the FAO Representations in the countries visited, in particular in arranging field visits.

The author especially wishes to acknowledge the contribution of Mr Charles Gunu (Fish Technologist) who helped with data analysis and the editing of this report.


Dr D. Gréboval Project Coordinator, FAO/UNDP Project Inland Fisheries Planning, Development and Management in East (central southern) Africa, Bujumbura
Mr Nfamara J. Dampha Fish Processing Technologist, FAO/UNDP Project Inland Fisheries Planning, Development and Management in East(central-southern) Africa, Bujumbura


Mr N. Baisalam Technical Officer, Direction de Pêche N'Djamena
Mr Ali Garam Directeur, Direction des Eaux, Pêches et Animaux (DEPA), N'Djamena
Mr Baba Diguera Directeur, Division Pêches et Forêts Lake Chad Basin Commission, N'Djamena
Mr M'Barro Le-Naimian Technical Officer, DEPA, N'Djamena

Côte d'Ivoire

Dr Amadou Tall INFOPECHE, Abidjan

The Gambia

Nana Kofi Abum Chief and Elders of Fishing Community, Ghanatown Brufut
Mr Kofi Bentum  
Mr I.K. Mensah  
Mr Kobina Assan  
Mr Kobina Ekwan  


Madam Grace Anderson Queen Mother - Senya Bereku
Mr K. Envraim Technical Officer, Fisheries Department, Apam


Mr Lounkoro Vinama Chef, Section Conditionnement, Operation Pêche, Mopti
Mr Moussa Nientao Chef, Division Exploitation, Operation Pêche, Mopti
Mr Lewa Thera Section Animatron et Formation, Operation Pêche, Mopti


Mr Boubacar Diakité Chef, Division Produits Halieutiques, Institut de Technologie Alimentaire, Dakar
Mr Mamadou Goudiaby Secteur des Pêches Maritimes, Mbour

The Sudan

Dr R.B. Babiker Food Research Centre, Khartoum
Prof. Dr Hamid Dirar Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Microbiology, University of Khartoum, Khartoum
Mr Abdel Wahab Beheiri Fisheries Consultant, Animal Production Public Corporation, Khartoum
Dr Osman Mohamed Saeed Director, Fisheries Research Centre, Khartoum
Dr Basma Mahgoub Karrar Fisheries Training Institute, El Shaggara, Khartoum
Mr Ismael Ali Saeed Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Administration, Jebel Aulia, Khartoum
Mr Abdalla Mohammed El Tom Fisheries Officer, Fisheries Administration, Khartoum
Mr Abd el Mageed Zaidan Head of Statistics Department, Fisheries Administration Khartoum
Mr Mohamed Kheir Hassan Director, Fisheries Administration, Khartoum
The Director and Staff Al Huda Fishing Establishment, Khartoum


Mr Chris M. Dhatemwa Assistant Commissioner for Fisheries, Ministry of Animal Industry and Fisheries, Entebbe
Miss Margaret Massete Fisheries Officer-in-Charge, Fish Technology Laboratory, Entebbe
Mr Shadrach Angopa Victoria Fresh Food Industries, Kampala


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