a key
to human

Authors: Colin Fraser and Jonathan Villet
Year: 1994



The role of communication

Communication in practice for ...

better planning and programme formulation

people's participation and community mobilisation

changing life-styles

improved training

rapid spread of information

effective management and coordination

generating the support of decision-makers

A new agenda for communication in development


FAO logo "... understanding and awareness of the problems and opportunities of rural people at all levels and improving the interaction between development personnel and the masses through an efficient communication system are prerequisites for the success of rural development strategy ..."

"The Peasant's Charter": The World Conference on
Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (WCARRD),
Declaration of Principles, FAO Rome, 1979


UNDP logo"The Media can be a powerful ally to more participatory development."

Human Development Report, 1991, UNDP


"Sustainable development is a major challenge for the next century. People are central to that task. The only way we can work for a common cause, for common interest, to improve our condition, is really through communication. Basically, it has to do with democracy, with participation, with spreading of knowledge and insight and ability to take care of our future."

Gro Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway,
and Chairperson of the World Commission
on Environment and Development