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Dear Editor,

I am a forest engineer and work in a silviculture research institute associated with the National Institute of Bucharest.... During the Stalinist regime of Ceausescu, all ties with foreign countries were denied us and so we remained in isolation. The challenges facing the forests, especially tropical forest ecosystems, and their important role in maintaining the equilibrium of the global environment are of interest to us. We would like to receive Unasylva but unfortunately we do not have the necessary funds for a paid subscription....

Salvatore Valls
Statiunea Silvica
Tulcea, Romania

Dear Editor,

Rainforest Action Network has come across your publication several times and is particularly impressed with the coverage you provide. As one of the world's largest clearing houses on rainforest issues, we draw upon diverse informational resources that cover everything from Asian agriculture to natives of Zaire. We would like to set up a publication exchange with you. This would ensure our receiving your excellent publication regularly and help reduce our costs for procuring the best information available....

Victor A. Menotti
Information Coordinator
Rainforest Action Network
San Francisco, USA

Dear Editor,

Mr K. M. Sthapit and I extend our sincere appreciation to you and your staff for the excellent production of our paper, Bioengineering erosion control in Nepal; and for the overall high quality and professional standard of the Unasylva publication....

L.C. Tennyson
Chief Technical Advisor
Watershed Management Project
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Editor,

It is my pleasure to congratulate you on the quality of Unasylva... Unasylva provides information that is useful both in the field and in the central office; it helps to encourage the creation of forest industry while respecting the "poetry" of the forest. It would be a privilege for us to receive a subscription to Unasylva.

Rafael Cesar Buendia Zarate
Forest Engineer
Universidad Nacional Agraria
de la Selva
Tingo Maria, Peru

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