FAO Fisheries Technical Paper No. 167 entitled "Freezing in Fisheries" was published in 1977 and reflected the rapid changes in freezing technology, one of the most important preservation methods for fish. The paper was reprinted in 1981 and another FAO Fisheries Technical Paper No. 214 "Refrigerated Storage in Fisheries" was published. Both papers have been in great demand and are now out-of-print. Since that time significant progress in the technology and practice of freezing and cold storage have been made and it was becoming evident that substantial revision of both publications was required. It was decided to combine them into one publication entitled "Freezing and Refrigerated Storage in Fisheries".

The preparation of this Technical Paper is a Regular Programme activity of the Fishery Industries Division, Fisheries Department, FAO, Rome. The publication was prepared by a team from the Torry Research Station in Aberdeen1 in association with the Fish Utilization and Marketing Service, FAO Fisheries Department.

It is hoped that this publication will answer some of the queries raised by governments, organizations and/or individuals and enable them to up-grade the quality of their frozen fish.


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Johnston, W.A.,; Nicholson, F.J.; Roger, A.; Stroud, G.D.
Freezing and refrigerated storage in fisheries.
FAO Fisheries Technical Paper. No. 340. Rome, FAO. 1994. 143p.


This document is intended to serve as a background paper as well as an introduction to the operations and equipment used in the freezing and cold storage of fish both on shore and at sea. It gives a broad outline on how deterioration of fish quality can be reduced by the application of low temperatures. It reviews various types of freezing equipment for use ashore or at sea; the requirements for cold stores and their construction; the factors affecting cold storage conditions, etc. In addition, the publication describes the methods used to calculate cold storage refrigeration loads as well as the costs of freezing and cold storage. Safe operation of cold stores is also covered. A list of publications on the subject is given in the list of references.

1On 1 April 1994 Torry Research Station changed its name to CSL Food Science Laboratory, Torry, 135 Abbey Road, Aberdeen AB9 8DG, UK.