1. Outside grounds

  1. Are there any rodent harbourage such as tall weeds and grass, junk piles, rubbish, etc?
  2. Is waste disposal adequate to minimise attraction of insects, rodents and birds?
  3. Are there excessive trash and scrap accumulations?
  4. Is there any evidence of rodent activity?
  5. Is the dock area properly maintained?
  6. Is there any evidence of birds nesting around dock areas?
  7. Is outside drainage satisfactory?
  8. Are there any other conditions which may contribute to contamination of product being loaded or unloaded?

2. Storage areas

  1. Is product stored away from walls to permit inspection and pest control?
  2. Are floors and walls cleanable and in good repair?
  3. Is product properly stored on pallets and off the floor?
  4. Is lighting adequate to permit clean-tip and inspection?
  5. Is there any evidence of spilled merchandise?
  6. Are floors and floor wall junctions clean?
  7. Is there any evidence of contamination of stored goods by insect, rodents, dripping water etc?
  8. Is there any evidence of insects, rodents or other vermin?
  9. Are chemicals or other non-food items stored separately to prevent contamination of food?
  10. Is there any evidence of mould or objectionable odours in the storage areas?
  11. Is rubbish disposal adequate?
  12. Are floors cleaned as pallets are removed?
  13. Are lights in exposed food storage areas protected with safety shields?

3. Wash-room and locker facilities

  1. Are wash-rooms and locker-rooms properly cleaned?
  2. Are wash-room facilities in good repair?
  3. Are hot water, soap and clean towels available?
  4. Are 'have you washed your hands ... ?' signs posted?
  5. Are wash-rooms provided with self-closing doors which do not open directly into food storage rooms?
  6. Is there any evidence of insect or rodent activity?

4. Lunch-room

  1. Is the lunch-room properly cleaned?
  2. Is the lunch-room segregated from food storage areas?
  3. Are there adequate rubbish bins available?
  4. Is there any evidence of insect or rodent activity?

5. Office areas

  1. Are office areas properly cleaned and maintained?
  2. Is there any evidence of insect or rodent activity?

6. Employee practices

  1. Is there any evidence of smoking or tobacco-chewing in warehouse areas?
  2. Is there any evidence of careless employee practices which could contribute to product damage or spoilage?
  3. Do employees eat and drink only in designated areas?
  4. Do employees dispose of trash properly?
  5. Are employees properly attired when handling exposed food products?
  6. Is there any other evidence of potential contamination of food by employees?

7. Shipping

  1. Are railway trucks and transport vehicles inspected, cleaned and repaired or rejected if necessary prior to loading?
  2. Are trucks and vehicles carefully loaded and unloaded to prevent damage to product?
  3. Are loading areas properly protected to prevent contamination prior to unloading?
  4. Are incoming shipments of product inspected for contamination prior to unloading?
  5. Are contaminated shipments properly handled or rejected?
  6. Is there any evidence of contamination of product or potential avenues of contamination in loading or unloading operations?
  7. Are frozen and refrigerated products handled so as to prevent thawing or warming up?

8. Storage

  1. Are the storage temperatures satisfactory?
  2. Are recording thermometers used to record storage temperatures? Are they checked for accuracy?
  3. Is a system for proper stock rotation in effect?
  4. Are food products properly protected during defrosting of cold stores?

9. Handling of damaged goods

  1. Are damaged goods properly handled to prevent spoilage?
  2. Is there a special area maintained for reworking damaged merchandise?
  3. Is this area properly maintained to prevent contamination by insects or rodents?

10. Cleaning operations

  1. Is a cleaning programme and schedule available?
  2. Are cleaning operations carried out so as to prevent product contamination with dust, dirt, chemicals etc?
  3. Is equipment for cleaning adequate?
  4. Are proper cleaning materials used?
  5. Are pallets inspected for cleanliness to prevent contamination of product?
  6. Is cleaning of materials handling equipment a part of daily servicing procedure?

11. Pest control

  1. Is the store serviced by a pest exterminator? Who?
  2. How frequently is the store serviced?
  3. Is a list of pest control chemicals used available and on file at the plant?
  4. Are proper chemicals used? What materials are used?
  5. Does the exterminator prepare a report form after each visit?
  6. Are the store and the exterior areas adequately covered with traps and bait boxes for proper control of rodents?
  7. Is any pest control work done by the store personnel?
  8. Is rodent proofing adequate?
  9. Is pest control adequate?
  10. Are pest control chemicals properly stored?
  11. Is a map of rodent bait stations available?