Unasylva - No. 182 - FAO 50th anniversary

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Vol. 46

An international journal of forestry and forest industries

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Editorial staff

Editor: Stephen A. Dembner

Language Editor: Rachel Tucker

WWW edition: Fernando Serván

Graphics: Omar Bolbol

Cover illustration: R. Dickerson.

Photos: FAO throughout except: F. Botts, IFSA, B.Tigelaar and C. Konijnendijk.

Illustrations: Nasser

Published by the Publications Division of FAO

Table of Contents



D.A. Harcharik
FAO forestry - responding to change

Interview with René Fontaine
The dawn of FAO's work in forestry and early achievements

M. Chipeta and T. Michaelsen
Post-UNCED forestry and mountain development: new challenges for FAO

M.-R. de Montalembert
Cross-sectoral linkages and the influence of external policies on forest development

J.-P. Lanly
Sustainable forest management: lessons of history and recent developments

K.H. Schmincke
Forest industries: crucial for overall socio-economic development

M.K. Muthoo
International development cooperation in forestry

J. Clément
National Forestry Action Programmes as tools for sustainable development

P. Wardle
The evolution of forestry statistics from 1945 to 2000

C. Konijnendijk
Educating foresters of the twenty-first century

P. Hohnen
Ecologically responsible forest use: a Greenpeace perspective

B. Wergens
Forest industry in sustainable development

J.G. Speth
World forestry issues: a UNDP perspective

Compiled by S.A. Dembner
Forest-dependent livelihoods: links between forestry and food security

World of forestry