Unasylva - No. 183 - Trade and marketing of forest products

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Vol. 46

An international journal of forestry and forest industries

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Editor: Stephen A. Dembner

Language Editor: Rachel Tucker

WWW edition: Fernando Serván

Graphics: Omar Bolbol

Cover illustration: New Zealand Forest Research Institute.

Published by the Publications Division of FAO

Table of Contents


E.B. Barbier
Trade in timber-based forest products and the implications of the Uruguay Round.

I.J. Bourke
International trade in forest products and the environment.

Hj.G. Baharuddin
Timber certification: an overview.

B. Cabarle and A. Ramos de Freitas
Timber certification and the pursuit of credible claims

J.-P. Kiekens
Timber certification: a critique

G.P. Horgan and F.M. Maplesden
The role of marketing in developing exports of plantation-grown New Zealand radiata pine..

L. Lintu
Marketing non-wood forest products in developing countries.

M. Pesonen
University-level programmes in forest products marketing.

I. Austria
Developing a community-based marketing information system for integrated social forestry products: the Philippine experience.

K. Kumari
Is Malaysian forest policy and legislation conducive to multiple-use forest management?

E. D'Souza
The potential of the military in environmental protection: India

World of forestry