Expert Consultation on Extension Rural Youth Programmes and Sustainable Development

Table of Contents

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, 1996

Rome, Italy
29 November - 1 December 1995

Prepared by the

Agricultural Extension and Education Service (SDRE)
Research, Extension and Training Division

with the editorial assistance of Jonathan F. Cook

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Table of Contents


Executive summary

Introduction and overview of the expert consultation

Consultation methodology and summary programme

Results of the consultation's deliberations

Summary of discussions

The panel discussion: Problems and opportunities facing government agricultural extension rural youth programmes
The plenary discussions

Recommendations from the three issue areas

Opening remarks

Background papers: FAO's role in support of rural youth programmes and possibilities for the future

Background papers: Comparative international analysis of rural youth policy in developing countries: Coping with diversity and change

Background papers: Extension rural youth programmes: Part of a comprehensive strategy for sustainable development in developing countries

Background papers: Extension rural youth programmes: Summary of country papers

Background papers: Professional research and knowledge bases for rural youth programmes in developing countries

Issue papers: Youth policy and resources related to rural youth programmes

Issue papers: Institutional strengthening and programme management related to rural youth programmes

Issue papers: Educational content and delivery systems related to the rural youth programmes

Appendix I. Programme of the expert consultation on extension rural youth programmes and sustainable development

Appendix II. List of participants