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The tables on pages 57-68 present 34 statistics related to sorghum and millet production and consumption, as well as some basic economic indicators, for countries where the 1992-94 average production of either sorghum or millet exceeded 50 000 tons. Zeros represent negligible quantities consumed, produced or harvested.

Unless otherwise indicated, the regional aggregates (pages 67-68) include all the countries of a particular region for which information was available. Regional totals were calculated by summing the values for all countries in a region and then calculating the mean value. Thus, regional totals may be slightly different from the sum of the average values for each country.

Data sources

Variables 1 and 2: FAOSTAT.PC (1995) demographic database.

Variables 3: World Bank World Development Report (1993).

Variables 4 to 34. FAOSTAT.PC database of production and utilization statistics (1994).

Growth rates

Growth rates (variables 15 to 20 and 29 to 34) were calculated using the exponential growth rate,

Y = b0(eb1t) linearized as ln Y = ln (b0) + b1t
where ln Y = natural logarithm of variable Y, t = time period (years), and b1 = growth rate of Y.

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