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A number of working papers were presented over the course of the Consultation and served as the basis for the discussions. The titles of the working papers and author information is listed in this annex. Some but not all of these papers have been included in this publication. The decision as to which to publish and which not to publish was taken solely on the basis of the degree to which they added to what was included in the report, and does not in any way reflect upon the quality or contribution to the work of the Consultation of those omitted. All enquiries concerning the papers not published herewith should be directed to the Chief, Food Quality and Standards Service, Food and Nutrition Division, FAO, Rome.



Micronutrient Fortification of Foods: Technology and Quality Control (CONFORT 2)

Dr. Renata Clarke, Consultant, ESNS, FAO, Rome

Impact of Legislation on Food Fortification Practices (CONFORT 3)

Dr. Renata Clarke, Consultant, ESNS, FAO, Rome

Quality Assurance in Food Fortification Processes (CONFORT 4)

Dr. Rodolfo Florentino, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Philippines.

History of Technological Development of Vitamin A Fortification in Developing Countries (CONFORT 5)

Dr. Patricia Murphy, Professor, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, Iowa, USA

Requirements for Effective Fortification in Food Aid Programmes (CONFORT 6)

Ms. Patricia Dexter, Nutritionist, Food Science Department, University of Arkansas, Arkansas, USA

The Role of USAID in Supporting Food Fortification Activities (CONFORT 7)

Dr. Samuel Kahn, Senior Health and Nutrition Adviser, USAID, Washington DC, USA.

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