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Annex 7
Sample questionnaire for collection of cross-sectional data on village chicken production systems

Single visit data


  1. Where do the chickens rest at night?

    1. Do not know

    2. Kitchen/store

    3. In the main house

    4. Perch on trees

    5. Woven basket

    6. Other (specify)

  2. Who constructed the chicken house/shelter?

    1. Adult male

    2. Adult female

    3. Young boys

    4. Young girls

  3. Do you clean the chicken house? Yes/No

  4. If yes, how frequently do you clean the chicken house?

    1. Daily

    2. Weekly

    3. Monthly

    4. Less than once per month

  5. Who cleans the house?

    1. Adult male (>18 years)

    2. Adult female (>18 years)

    3. Boys (<18 years)

    4. Girls (<18 years)

    5. Hired labour


  1. Describe the supplement in the following chart.

    Type of supplementSource (household harvest, purchase, donation)If purchased, unit priceQuantity and time of feeding per dayPerson who feeds the chickens
  2. Do you provide water to the chicken? Yes/No

    If yes, fill in the following table.

    Source of water (tap, river, bore hole, well)Type of drinkersHow frequently do you provide water?How far is the source of water from the homestead?What is the walking distance to the water source?
  3. Where do you sell most of the chicken products in the village?

    1. In the same village

    2. In the neighbouring villages

    3. In the nearest shopping centre

    4. In town


Information to be collected monthly

  1. Have you experienced any disease problems in your flock this month? Yes/No If yes, indicate the symptoms/disease and control measures taken using the chart below. Rank the problems in order of importance.

    Type of disease/ symptomsControl measureCost incurred to controlLast occurrence in the flockAge group affectedRank according to importance
    Swollen head     
    Swollen joints     
    Diarrhoea (bloody/greenish)     
    Twisted neck     
    Paralysed legs/wings     
    Fowl pox/warts     
    Newcastle disease     
  2. Do you have access to veterinary services? Yes/No

    If yes, please fill in the chart below.

    Source/name of centreType of service (advice, diagnosis, drugs)Cost incurred, if anyFrequency of visits by veterinary assistants
  3. In which season do you lose most of your chickens?

    1. Rainy season

    2. Dry season

    3. Both seasons

  4. Have you heard of Newcastle disease? Yes/No

    If yes, where and when?

  5. Has there been any occurrence of Newcastle disease in your flock? Yes/No

  6. If yes, can you describe the symptoms?

  7. When did Newcastle disease last occur in your flock?

  8. How did it affect your flock?

    1. Wiped out the whole flock

    2. Destroyed more than half of the flock

    3. Destroyed less than half the flock

    4. No mortality

  9. What treatment did you give your chickens to control the Newcastle disease?

    TreatmentType of drugSource of drugCost incurred
  10. What was the source of infection?

    1. Ownflock

    2. Incoming chicken

    3. Neighbouring household

    4. Neighbouring village

    5. Unknown

  11. What do you think is the best control strategy for Newcastle disease?

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