Women, migration, environment and rural development policy in Brazil

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Professor of the Department of Geography, University of São Paulo and researcher at NEMGE-USP

Researcher at NEMGE-USP

Population Programme Service (SDWP)* Women and Population Division

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This has been prepared by Dr. Rosa Ester Rossini, Professor of the Department of Geography, University of Sao Paulo and researcher at NEMGE-USP and Dr. Sonia Alves Calió, Researcher at NEMGE-USP with the financial assistance of the UNFPA Technical Support System.




The current situation of Brazilian women

The situation of women in rural areas

A case study: women in cane straw at São Paulo estate

The double work burden: work at home and in the field

Women, environment and quality of life in Brazil: current technical-scientific stage

Women at work in agriculture and responsibilities related to the environment

Rural development policies



Annex I. Table 1 - Urban and rural population and rate of urbanisation 1991

Annex II. Table 2 - Population by sex 1991

Annex III. Table 3 - Life expectancy at birth, by sex, according to region 1980-1990

Annex IV. Table 4 - Life expectancy at birth, according monthly family income 1984

Annex V. Table 5 - Rate of infant mortality, by sex, according to regions 1980 - 1990

Annex VI. Table 6 - Number of poor incidence of absolute poverty 1980 - 1990

Annex VII. Table 7 - Poor and indigent population, according to region and strata 1990

Annex VIII. Table 8 - Brazil and regions indicators of economic participation by sex and family situation 1981/ 1990

Annex IX. Table 9 - Feminine and masculine activity rates according to position in the family - 1980/1990

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