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- PART B -
Land Cover Classification System:
User Manual

For software version 1.0


A dedicated software application has been built between the set of databases holding the numerous potential land cover classes formed by selection of the classifiers, modifiers and attributes available, as well as the various rules and conditions. The options to form land cover classes in the classification system are manifold and the software application makes any of these classes easily retrievable.

This section of the User Manual will cover:

Before trying to install the Land Cover Classification System, ensure the PC meets the requirements specified below.

Please note that LCCS comes as a run-time software application; therefore it is not necessary to have ACCESS 97 installed on your computer.

System Requirements


Operating System:

Installation Procedure

After having completed this step, a guided set-up procedure is activated. It is highly recommended that its proposals be accepted regarding the installation directory and naming of new program groups.

At a certain point in the set-up procedure, an MS-DOS window is opened where the user has to touch a button to proceed. After completion this window can be closed a window with the message "Land Cover Classification System Setup was completed successfully" will be displayed. Click the OK button to exit the set-up.

At the end of the set up, a new sub-directory C:\LCCS is created and a new Land Cover Classification System icon is added to the Windows Program Manager.

Directory Structure

The installation looks for the following directory structure and - if necessary - creates it:

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