3. Characteristics of packaging

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Part of the post-harvest losses of fresh produce in less developed regions are a result of mechanical injuries due to poor handling and inadequate packaging. In more developed marketing systems packages serves also other objectives, such as market penetration, competitiveness.

Proper packaging of a product can reduce not only bruising and crushing, but can also improve marketing of produce, reduce moisture loss, prevent (re-)contamination of the product with spoilage organisms, reduce pilferage, maintain a sanitary environment during marketing.

All aspects of packaging must be taken into account when considering the introduction of new packaging. These aspects involve, among others, cost of packaging material, labour, acceptance by trader and consumers and changes in product condition. The ultimate goal of packaging must lead to easier handling of the produce, a better quality and better marketable product.

The characteristics of packaging are to contain, to protect, to communicate and to market the product.

A. To contain produce

B. To protect produce against

FIG.1.Characteritics of packaging

C. To communicate:

D. To market the product:

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