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Much of the information contained in this book comes from work and research conducted by its authors and their colleagues in the Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA) in France. The authors feel it only fair to mention the names of those colleagues with whom they work daily and from whom they have "borrowed" a number of data (though it would be impossible to list all of them).

Animal Genetics Improvement Station, Toulouse Centre: G. Matheron, B. Poujardieu. F. Hulot. A. Roustan, J.M. Brun

Rabbit Breeding Research Laboratory, Toulouse Centre: J. Ouhayoun, D. Delmas

Rabbit Pathology Laboratory, Tours Centre: D. Licois, F. Viard. F. Provost

Central Station of Animal Physiology, Jouv-en-Josas Centre: L. Martinet, S. Torres, B. Moret

Skins, Fleece and Furs Laboratory' Jouy-en-Josas Centre: J. Rougeot, R.G. Thebault

Magneraud Experimental Station: J.L. Vrillon, M. Balencon

Animal Physiology Station, Montpellier Centre: M. Prud 'hon, Y. Reyne

INRA Special Committee on Rabbits. Paris Headquarters: P. Schellenberg.


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