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The FAO Interregional Cooperative Research Network on Nuts was established in Yalova (Turkey) in 1990.

The main objectives are the promotion of exchange of information among the different Mediterranean partners, establishment of joint research programmes, exchange of germplasm, establishment of close links between researchers and fostering a spirit of cooperation.

An important activity of the Network is the compilation of Germplasm inventories and Research catalogues.

The Liason Officer of the different Subnetworks have been asked to prepare the compilation and edition of the germplasm inventory of each species kept in the main research institutions involved and also a survey on the on going research in the main producing countries.

The survey on almond is the first to have been made; catalogues on the other species will follow.

This catalogue is structured in different sections: almond production in the world, almond germplasm inventory, description of the main characteristics of native cultivars of each country, description of research projects, research inventory and selected references.

The information published was provided by scientists involved in almond research all over the world.

Structure of the inter-regional cooperative research network on nuts


Coordination Centre


Nut tree crops

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Centre de Mas Bové
Departament d'Arboricultura Mediterrània
Apartat 415. E 43280 Reus (Spain)
Tel: +34-77-343252 Fax: +34-77-344055

F. J. Vargas


Liaison Centres

Liaison Officers


Istituto Sperimentale per la Frutticoltura
Via di Fioranello, 52. 00143 Roma (Italy)
Tel: +39-6-79348106 (direct) - 7934811 (operator)
Fax: +39-6-79340158

F. Monastra


Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Horticulture
06110 - Ankara (Turkey)
Tel: +90-312-3170550
Fax: +90-312-3473666

A.I. K'ksal


Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
Station de Recherches Fruitières
Centre de Recherches de Bordeaux
BP. 81-33883 Villenave d'Ornon (France)
Tel: +33-556-843277 Fax: +33-556-843083

E. Germain


K.S.U. Faculty Agriculture
Department of Horticulture
Kahraman Maras (Turkey)
Tel: +90-344-2237666 Fax: +90-344-2230048

N. Kaska


Cukurova University. Faculty of Agriculture
Department of Horticulture. Adana-01330 (Turkey)
Tel: +90-322-3386388 Fax: +90-322-3386388

O. Tuzcu


Instituto de Conservaçâo de Natureza (ICN)
Parque Natural dasSerras da Aire e Candeiros
Jardim Municipal,. 2040 Rio Maior (Portugal)
Tel: +351-4390168 Fax: +351-4392605

J.A. Gomes Pereira

Stone Pine

Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología
Agraria y Alimentaria INIA
Centro de Investigación Forestal CIFOR.
Av. Padre Huidobro, s/n,
28040 Madrid (Spain)
Tel: +34-1-3476800 Fax: +34-1-3573107

G. Catalán

Genetic Resources

Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Centre de Mas Bové
Department d'Arboricultura Mediterrània
Apartat 415. E 43280 Reus (Spain)
Tel: +34-77-343252 Fax: +34-77-344055

I. Batlle


Servicio de Investigación Agraria SIA
Diputación General de Aragón
Apartado 727. 50080 Zaragoza (Spain)
Tel: +34-76-576361 Fax: +34-76-575501

L.M. Albisu

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