Unasylva - Vol. 9, No. 3

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September 1955

Unasylva - An international review of forestry and forest products



LEGUMES IN AGRICULTURE. A unique collection on the subject with special reference to tropical legumes. ($3.00, 15s.)

ZEBU CATTLE OF INDIA AND PAKISTAN. A well-illustrated book of interest to all tropical cattle breeders. ($3.00, 15s.)

CEREAL BREEDING PROCEDURES. A handbook for the field man and an ideal text for an agricultural college. ($125, 6s. 3d.)

SMALL FARM IMPLEMENTS. A short book which has interested the manufacturers of small tools as well as those who give advice on their choice and use. ($0.75, 3s. 9d.)

FACT-FINDING WITH RURAL PEOPLE. The means or instruments for acquiring full and reliable information about rural conditions are described in this manual. The manual begins with a brief introduction on its importance and nature. It then moves into a description of the main steps of fact-finding. These include: planning a survey; collecting the facts; analyzing the facts; presenting the findings. ($1.50, 7s. 6d.)


THE SECOND WORLD FOOD SURVEY. Out of print within a few weeks of publication and now in its second printing. - A unique collection of facts and forecasts indispensable to anyone interested in the world food situation. ($0.50, 2s. 6d.)



LATIN AMERICA. FAO has just published two regional surveys which analyze the progress made towards the aims of FAO and the prospects for the immediate future. ($1.00, 5s.)

YEARBOOK OF FOOD AND AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS, Part I, Production, Part II, Trade. 1954 edition is now available. ($3.50, 17s. 6d. per part)


FOOD COMPOSITION TABLES FOB INTERNATIONAL USE. After running through three printings in the original edition, these have now been supplemented by a volume on minerals and vitamins.

(Price complete $1.75, 8s. 9d.) SCHOOL FEEDING: ITS CONTRIBUTION TO CHILD NUTRITION. The only historical survey of this subject in print and includes practical notes on the running and organizing of school feeding programs. ($1.00, 5s.)

MAIZE AND MAIZE DIETS. Follows the FAO short booklet on Rice and Rice Diets, the two covering the most important cereals consumed in underdeveloped countries. ($1.00, 5s.)

RICE ENRICHMENT IN THE PHILIPPINES. A scientific report on an experiment in enrichment of rice. ($1.00, 5s.)

PROTEIN MALNUTRITION. Proceeding of a Conference in Jamaica (1953). Sponsored jointly by FAO, WHO and Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, New York. ($3.50, 17s. 6d.)


WORLD FISHERIES ABSTRACTS. In all three language editions an established work of reference.

(Annual subscription $4.00, 20s.)

FAO FISHERIES BULLETIN. Now a quarterly publication with important articles on all aspects of world fisheries. (Annual subscription $1.00, 5s.)

YEARBOOK OF FISHERY STATISTICS. 1952/53, Part I, Production and Craft, Part II, Trade. The fourth Fisheries Yearbook amplifies the part on production and gives more detailed data on craft than in earlier issues. It has therefore been found necessary to publish it in two volumes. ($3.00, 15s. each)

FISH FARMING AND INLAND FISHERY MANAGEMENT IN RURAL ECONOMY. An introductory study on inland fisheries from the point of view of administration and policy-making. ($1.00, 5s.)

FISHING BOATS OF THE WORLD. Based on the FAO Fishing Boat Congress held at Paris and Miami, 1953. Available from Arthur J. Heighway Publications, Ltd., Ludgate House, 110 Fleet Street, London E.C.4. (£4.10.0)


TIMBER STATISTICS. Quarterly Bulletin. Prepared jointly by FAO and the Economic Commission for Europe. Contains timber market reports for most of the countries of Europe. Available only from Sales Section, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. ($0.50, 2s. 6d. Annual subscription $2.00, 10s.)

DIRECTORY OF WHEEL AND TRACK TYPE TRACTORS PRODUCED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, 1965. The information contained-in this directory has been obtained from the manufacturers themselves or from official publications. ($3.00, 15s.)

TREE SEED NOTES. I. ARID AREAS - II. HUMID TROPICS. This paper gives descriptive notes on seeds of species suggested for experimental purposes in arid and semi-arid zones. ($3.50, 17s. 6d.)

TREE PLANTING PRACTICES FOB ARID AREAS. This paper deals with seed, nursery and planting practices for arid and semi-arid zones in the Near East, but undoubtedly has application to many other similar climatic zones of the world. ($1.50, 7s. 6d.)

Cover photograph: Successful tests hare been carried out in Ontario. using a helicopter for delivering flexible hose to the scene of fire-fighting operations. The end of the hose is attached to a pump at the water supply source. The hose itself in connected 100 meter sections is paid out from the helicopter over the tree tops. and a water pressure of 40 to 45 kilograms is obtained at the outlet which is about equal to the pressure maintained in a hose laid out over the ground on rough terrain. The hauling-in of the air-borne hose is somewhat more difficult to perform, but this is more than compensated by the advantage of the quick laving-out of the line.

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Table of Contents

Dr. Philip V. Cardon, Director-General FAO
The earth's resources in the service of man

Hardy L. Shirley
Educating foresters

B. Thunell
Sawmilling in Sweden

FAO Staff
Avalanche and torrent control in the Spanish Pyrenees

Richard E. McArdle
At the half-century mark

Robert K. Winters
Forestry and technical assistance in Pakistan

Commodity report: Roundwood, 1946-54

The work of FAO

A summary of work in forestry, 1954-55

Direction of work
Forest policy
Forest technology
Forest economics

Technical assistance reports

Equipment news

News of the world

The literature of forestry

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