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Equipment section

Lokomo Ditch Plow

Lokomo Ditch Plow. - Built for operating in swamplands in Finland. Heavily constructed, works under the most severe conditions. Requires tractor of 10 tons with broad tracks. Equipped with coulter disk located between wheels, held in cutting position by pulling effort of tractors. Rises freely over rocks or immoveable objects. Ditch depth controlled by removable pin. Plow is raised from ditch by pulling a lift lever. Specifications: weight 4,000 kg.; transport width of plow 2.8 m.; length 6.5 m.; plowing width 2.8 m.; plowing depth (max.) 90 cm.

MANUFACTURER: Lokomo Oy, Tampere, Finland.

Loggers' Tape

Loggers' Tape. - For use in woods or mill. Steel tape with white background, black numbers - 146 in. (360 cm.) long, rewinds itself every time. No gap round rim of reel for dirt to enter. By loosening six screws on locking ring the spring cover can be revolved to set correct tension when installing new tape, or change stopping point to desired length.

MANUFACTURER: Spencer Production and Sales Co., 306 Cleveland Street, Pullman, Washington, U.S.A.

Bench Chain Breaker with Rivet Spinner

Bench Chain Breaker with Rivet Spinner. The bench chain breaker with rivet spinner comes with standard equipment as follows: 3 breaker anvils, one each for 4/10, 7/16 and ½ in. (1, 1.1 and 1.25 cm.) pitch chains, 1 punch, 1 rivet spinning assembly, 2 spinning anvils, 2 spinning heads, 1 pivot and 1 wood screw for attaching base to work bench.

MANUFACTURER: Bluejet Corp., Hopedale, Mass., U.S.A.

Carco X-2 Yarder

Carco X-2 Yarder. - Designed for mounting on largest crawler tractors, this yarder is mainly used for high-lead system. Waterfall pattern of the drums, placing the main drum far forward of hauldback drum, provides practically vertical lead off both drums. Can be operated right at the base of a spar tree or portable spar. Specifications: 4-speed, barrel diameter: main drum 16 in. (41 cm.); haulback drum 12 ½ in. (32 cm.); straw drum 8 in. (20.3 cm.). Length of barrels: main drum 29 ¾ in. (76 cm.); haulback drum 30 ½ mi. (77 cm.); straw drum 10 in. (25 cm.); gross weight 16,000 lb. (7,000 kg.).

MANUFACTURER: Pacific Car and Foundry Co., Renton, Washington, U.S.A.

Tractor P.T.O. Irrigation Pumps

Tractor P.T.O. Irrigation Pumps. - Morrison P.T.O. pump and spray irrigation kit used where the water source is in a number of places round the farm and where the capital cost of equipment must be kept down. Enables the tractor to be used for irrigation purposes. Powers used are similar to those produced by engine; gearing in pump must be of size and strength equal to gears of tractor. Pump chosen must not overload tractor engine. Pump assembly built on 2-wheel trailer of prefabricated steel. Whole assembly on 2 pneumatic wheels and tires.

MANUFACTURER: Morrison Pumps Ltd., Loughborough, Leics., U.K.

Reversible Saw

Reversible Saw. - Tungsten carbide-tipped saw which will -cut boards in either direction. Motor can be reversed at each pass so that the leading edge of the saw is always entering the cut. Normally saw cuts downward on one pass and upward on reverse. Sawdust thrown downward in whichever direction head is traveling.

MANUFACTURER: C. D. Monninger Ltd., St. Anna Works, Overbury Road, London, N. 15.

Minneapolis Moline Chain Saws.

Minneapolis Moline Chain Saws. - Direct drive chain saws have either magnesium or pressed steel frames, automatic or thumb operated oilers, spark arrestor chrome chain guard sawdust deflector. Powered by 2-cycle gasoline engines from 4.7 to 8.1 cu. in. (77-133 cm³). Manufactured in 5 models with bars in lengths from 16 in. (41 cm.) to 48 in. (121 cm.) and one 15-in. (38-cm.) plunge bow. Weight, less bar and chain, 20 to 25 lb. (9.111.3 kg.).

MANUFACTURER: Minneapolis Moline Special Products Division, Hopkins, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Chain Hoist

Chain Hoist. - Chain Mini Hoist type TEA available either as stationary or traveling unit for running along on an I-beam. Model TEA 031: load 250 kg.; max. lift 6 m.; weight 32 kg. (71 lb.); hoisting speed 2.5 to 10 m/min. Model TEA 032: load 500 kg.; max. lift 4 m.; weight 36 kg. (80 lb.); hoisting speed 1.25-5 m./min.

MANUFACTURER: ASEA, Box 420-40, Stockholm 42.

Portable Metal Detector

Portable Metal Detector. - Cintel transistorized portable metal detector is an electronic instrument. Detects presence and shape of magnetic or nonmagnetic metal objects concealed in any nonmetalic substance. Three separate parts housed in portable case: search head, amplifier and head. Works with 1.5 volt batteries. Weight: large size 19 lb. (8.26 kg.); small size 9 lb. (4.05 kg.).

MANUFACTURER: Rank Cintel Ltd., Worsley Bridge Road, Lower Sydenham, London S.E.

AMCO Brushmaster

AMCO Brushmaster. - Heavy duty disk plow for land clearing can be equipped with 16 28-in. (70-cm.) or 30-in. (76-cm.) or 20 28-in. (70-cm.) or 30-in. (76-cm.) disk on 13-in. (33-cm.) spacing with 3/16-in. (0.47-cm.) reinforcing disks on each blade. Cuts from 8 ft. 6 in. (2.5 m.) to 18 ft. (5.4 m.); weight 6,800-8,000 lb. (3,085-3,629 kg.).

MANUFACTURER: Alexander Manufacturing Co., 1 Amco Drive, Picayune, Miss. U.S.A.


Chipper. - Unit normally used to dispose of brush in forests. Model has been manufactured in conjunction with sawmill. Can be used as vertical or horizontal feed for slabs and edgings disposal. Manufacturer claims that slab 15 in. (38 cm.) wide and 10 ft. (3 m.) long is chipped in less than 20 see. Special serrated blades sharpened only every other day of operation.

MANUFACTURER: Fitchburg Engineering Corp., Fitchburg, Maw. U.S.A.

Hydraulic Crane

Hydraulic Crane. - Teals model 200 hydraulic crane can be mounted on almost any truck with curb weight of 5,500 lb. (2,495 kg.) or more, in 14-17 in. (35-43 cm.) of space between truck cab and bed. Weighs from 2,400 lb. (1,080 kg.) with standard 16 ft. (4.8 m.) boom to 2,800 lb. (1,268 kg.) with hydraulically extensible 28 ft. (8.53 m.) boom. Lifts 3,750 lb. (1,700 kg.) at 8 ft. (2.44 m.); 2,500 lb. (1,135 kg.) at 16 ft. (4.88 m.) and 1,250 lb. (567 kg.) at 28 ft. (8.53 m.) (with hydraulically extensive boom full out), boom works in full 3600 circle. Hydraulic outriggers stabilize load and prevent damage to truck frame or springs. Dual controls through 35 ft. (10.8 m.) cable and hand switch box. Normally uses the truck P.T.O., but adequate power can be provided by IS MP auxilary electric motor.

MANUFACTURER: Teale and Co., P.O. Box 605, Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A.

Logging Winch

Logging Winch. - Winch with land anchor can be mounted on any type of tractor. Available in three models, load capacity 5-20 tons. Being reversible, there is no need for reverse gear.

MANUFACTURER: Etablissements Silvant, Saint-Hippolyte, Doubs, France.

Skidding Hoods

Skidding Hoods. - Hoods used to make it easier to skid logs on ground. Protects trunks or roots as well as the forest roads over which logs are hauled. Whereas hoods are usually made of iron, this type is made of a light alloy. One model, 60 cm. in diam. and 70 cm. long, weighs only 29 kg. compared with 51 kg. for same size in iron.

MANUFACTURER: Robert Aebi, Uraniastr. 31, Zurich. Switzerland.

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