Report of the Conference of FAO
Twenty-first Session
Rome, 7-25 November 1981

Table of Contents

I. COUNCIL (until 31 December 1982)

II. COUNCIL (as from 1 January 1983)

III. Introduction

A. Twelfth McDougall Memorial Lecture
B. Presentation of the B.R. Sen Awards for 1980 and 1981
C. Presentation of the A.H. Boerma Award for 1980-1981
D. Tribute to Dr. Bukar Shaib as Independent chairman of The Council
E. Retirement of dr. Ralph W. Phillips
F. In memoriam

IV. Procedure of the session

A. Election of the chairman and vice-chairmen of the conference
B. Appointment of the general committee and the credentials committee
C. Adoption of the agenda
D. Arrangements for the session and allocation of agenda items

Establishment of Commissions and Appointment of their Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen
Attendance during general discussion
Resolutions committee of the conference
Right of reply
Verbatim records
Verification of credentials
Voting rights
Informal meeting of international non-governmental organizations

E. Admission of observers

Applicants for membership
Liberation movements
Intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations

V. Major trends and policies in food and agriculture

A. Statements by heads of delegations in the general discussion
B. World food and agriculture situation

State of Food and Agriculture
Progress in Implementation of the plan of action to Strengthen world food security

C. World food and agricultural development strategy

International agricultural adjustment
International Development Strategy (IDS), including Regional and National Development

D. Energy in agriculture and rural development

VI. Activities and programmes of the organization

A. Programme of work and budget 1982-83 and medium-term objectives

Level of the budget
General policy and direction
Major programme - agriculture
Programme 2.1.1 - natural resources
Programme 2.1.2 - crops
Programme 2.1.3 - Livestock
Programme 2.1.4 - research support
Programme 2.1.5 - rural development
Programme 2.1.6 - nutrition
Programme 2.1.7 - food and agricultural information and analysis
Programme 2.1.8 - food and agricultural policy
Major programme - fisheries
Major programme - forestry
Field programme planning and liaison
Freedom from hunger campaign/action for development
Technical cooperation programme
Support and common services

B. World food day
C. National Agricultural Research in Developing Countries
D. World soil charter
E. Resources for Food Production and Agricultural Development
F. Review of the Regular Programme 1980-81
G. Review of Field Programmes 1980-81

Development assistance for food production and rural development
Support costs

H. Follow-up to WCARRD
I. United nations/FAO world food programme (WFP)
J. Relations and consultations with International organizations

Recent developments in the United Nations system of interest to FAO
Relations with intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations

VII. Constitutional and administrative matters

A. Statutory Report on Status of Conventions and Agreements, and Amendments thereto
B. Audited accounts
C. Scale of contributions 1982-83
D. Other financial and administrative questions

Amendments to the provisions of the special reserve account
Headquarters accommodation
Regional office for the near east (RNEA)
Abolition of audited interim accounts 11
Status of contributions
Payment of contributions - Central African Republic
Replenishment of the working capital fund
Increase in the level of the working capital fund
Emoluments of the Director-General

VIII. Appointments and elections

A. Applications for membership in the organization
B. Election of Council Members
C. Appointments

Appointment of the Director-General
Appointment of the independent chairman of the council
Appointment of Member Governments' Representatives to the Staff Pension Committee

IX. Other matters

Date and place of the twenty-second conference session

X. Appendix A

XI. Appendix B

XII. Appendix C

XIII. Appendix D

XIV. Appendix E

XV. Appendix F

XVI. Appendix G