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IV. Budget for 1958 and 1959


432. Resolution No. 35/57

Budget for 1958 and 1959

The Conference

Resolves that for the financial period 1958-59,

(i) Appropriations are voted for the following purposes:

Chapter I - Conference and Council $ 432,200
Chapter II - Office of the Director-General 884,850
Chapter III - Information Division 1,447,850
Chapter IV - Division of Administration and Finance 1,074,350
Chapter V - Common Services 1,450,900
Chapter VI - Technical Program 10,090,670
Chapter VII - Area Liaison Services (Reg. Off.) 1,338,180
Chapter VIII - Miscellaneous Expenditure 81,000
Chapter IX - Contingencies 200,000
  $ 17,000,000

(ii) The appropriations voted in paragraph (i) above should be financed try, contributions from Member Nations after adjustment as provided in the Financial Regulations; for this purpose Miscellaneous Income is estimated at $355,000 for the financial period 1958-1959;

(iii) contributions from Member Nations in 1958 and 1959 should be pairs in accordance with the scale adopted by the Conference at its Ninth Session.

433. Resolution No. 36/57

Reconciliation of Program of Work and Budget for 1958-1959

The Conference

Noting that it has not been possible to examine in detail the reconciliation of the Program of Work with the approved budget level;

Recognizing the responsibility this circumstance places on the Director-General to effect this reconciliation within the frame-work of the recommendations of the Conference;

Requests the Director-General to inform the Program Committee, the Finance Committee and the Council at their next Sessions of the steps which he has taken, with a view to keeping Member Governments informed on this matter.

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