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II. Report of the special session of the conference

Held at Washington 6 April and 14 April 1948

A special Session of the Conference was convened in Washington and held plenary meetings on 6 April and 14 April 1948. This session was called in accordance with the following resolution of the Third Session of the Conference at Geneva, September 1947.

The Conference wishes to express the deep debt of gratitude which the Organization owes to the Director-General for setting aside his personal convenience in the interests of FAO. At the same time the Conference feels that there is a great obligation on the part of FAO to find a suitable candidate as promptly as possible. The Conference recommends that the question be referred to the Council of FAO and that the Council be asked to set up a panel of names, in principle at least three. If this could be accomplished in time, the Conference suggests that the election of a new Director-General could be effected without waiting for the next annual session of the Conference, by having a special conference convened in Washington attended by ambassadors or diplomatic representatives instructed by their governments on this single question.

As two applications for membership in FAO had been received in 1948, these applications were included in the following agenda adopted by the Special Session:

1. Application for membership by the Government of the Turkish Republic

2. Application for membership by the Government of Ceylon

3. Appointment of the new Director-General

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