Report of the Conference of FAO
Seventeenth Session
Rome, 10-29 November 1973

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

A. The late J. de Castro
B. In memoriam
C. Eighth McDougall memorial lecture
D. Presentation of the B.R. Sen Awards for 1972 and 1973
E. Tribute to A.G. Orbaneja

II. Procedure of the session

A. Election of the chairman and vice-chairmen of the conference
B. Appointment of the general committee and the credentials Committee
C. Adoption of the agenda
D. Arrangements for the session and allocation of agenda items

Establishment of commissions and appointment of their chairmen and vice-chairmen
Resolutions committee of the conference
Right of reply
Verbatim records
Verification of credentials
Voting rights
Informal meeting of international non-governmental organizations

E. Admission of observers

Applicants for membership
Intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations

III. Major trends and policy questions in food and agriculture

A. World situation and outlook

Salient features of the world food and agricultural situation
Sahelian zone operations
Commodity problems
Fishery problems
Water problems affecting agricultural development

B. International agricultural adjustment
C. Proposal by the director-general on a world food security policy

World food programme

IV. Activities and programmes of the organization

A. Review of field programmes, 1972-73
B. Medium-term objectives

Section II: world outlook
Section III: medium-term objectives
Section III - medium-term objectives and section IV: concluding remarks
Form of future document

C. Programme of work and budget, 1974-75

Chapter 1: general policy and direction
Chapter 2: technical and economic programmes
Chapter 3: field programmes and development support
Chapter 4: special programmes
Chapter 5: general programme services
Chapters 6-9
Level of the budget
Suspense account
List of publications and list of FAO sessions
Organization of discussion at the eighteenth session of the conference

D. Matters relating to the programme of work and budget

International information system for the agricultural sciences and technology (AGRIS)
Nutrition: report of the ad hoc committee on increasing the production and use of edible proteins
Nutrition: towards a new strategy for improving nutrition

E. Relations and consultations with international organizations on programme matters of common interest

Matters arising from discussions in the UN general assembly, ECOSOC and ACC
Proposal for a special world food conference under United Nations auspices
Matters relating to the human environment
FAO/UNDP cooperation
Relations with intergovernmental and international non-governmental organizations

V. Constitutional and legal matters

A. Increase in the number of council seats: amendment to article V-1 of the constitution
B. Examination of and amendments to the FAO basic texts

Amendments to rule XI and other general rules of the organization
Participation of non-member states in FAO bodies and meetings
Amendments to the financial regulations and proposed amendments to the general rules of the organization

C. Statutory report on status of conventions and agreements and amendments thereto
D. Granting of official status to international organizations
E. Confirmation of relationship agreement between FAO and the international commission for the conservation of Atlantic tunas (ICCAT)
F. Question of participation of African liberation movements in FAO meetings

VI. Administrative and financial matters

A. Audited accounts
B. Scale of contributions, 1974-75
C. Assessment of new member nations
D. Resumption of membership by China
E. Status of contributions
F. Draft statute of the international civil service commission
G. Emoluments of the director-general

VII. Appointments and elections

A. Admission of new member nations
B. Election of council members
C. Appointment of the independent chairman of the council
D. Appointment of member government representatives to the staff pension committee

VIII. Other matters

A. Tribute to M. Cépède as independent chairman of the council
B. Date and place of the eighteenth session of the conference

IX. Appendixes

A. Agenda for the seventeenth session of the conference
B. List of delegates and observers
C. List of documents
D. Statement showing the computation of contributions for 1974 and 1975
E. Amendments to financial regulations IV, VIII, IX, X, XI and XIV and to Rule XXXII GRO
F. Extract from report of sixty-first council session
G. Scale of contributions 1974-75
H. Draft statute of the international civil service commission