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The more important recommendations arising from the Workshop discussions that require follow-up action are summarized below:

(a) The national ten-year development plans prepared by the participants should be suitably incorporated in the national economic/fishery development plans of the countries. Early internal consultations with appropriate government authorities may be needed for this purpose.

(b) Based on the requirements identified in the national plans, requests for aid from bilateral and multilateral sources should be formulated. Assistance should be provided by the existing aid projects, especially FAO/UNDP projects, to formulate such project proposals in consultation with local representatives of UNDP and other aid-giving agencies.

(c) The Workshop clearly indicated the need for aquaculture planning expertise in Fishery Administrations of the participating countries. Essential basic data have to be collected and analysed for appropriate refinement and revision of plan targets and strategy. Governments should therefore consider the possibility of establishing planning cells for aquaculture in the appropriate national agencies.

(d) The participating governments should take action to facilitate easy exchange of personnel and information between countries in the region. ADCP, in cooperation with RAFE and the South China Sea Fisheries Development and Coordinating Programme, should develop some suitable means of assisting such exchanges.

(e) ADCP should give high priority to the development of a multidisciplinary team of experts to assist governments in the region to undertake feasibility studies and in the preparation of bankable project proposals.

(f) ADCP should undertake consultations with the World Bank Group, FAO Bankers Group and other financing agencies with a view to devising simpler and quicker means of project formulation and financing of aquaculture enterprises.

(g) ADCP, in cooperation with interested agencies, should formulate detailed proposals for the "establishment" of a "Regional Network" consisting of regional and national, centres as described on page 10 and submit them for financing by appropriate funding agencies. A survey of the facilities of existing national centres for selecting those to participate in the network and consultations with governments in the region to establish the regional centre may be required. This should be done as soon as the project idea is accepted in principle by the funding agencies. Efforts should be made to establish the network as soon as possible.

(h) ADCP should convene a meeting of the representatives of agencies and regional projects involved and interested in providing assistance in the field of aquaculture in the region, for the purpose of discussing their current and future programmes. This should lead to effective coordination of future work as described on page 11.

(i) Regional assistance in project planning and feasibility studies, fish breeding, feed formulation and disease control can be incorporated in the work programme of the regional centre in the "Regional Network". These are also capable of being initiated separately if undue delays occur in the establishment of the network.

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