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This document was prepared in collaboration with CNEXO as part of FAO's Regular Programme activities, aimed at assisting fishery administrators and other persons responsible for the management of fisheries. It is one in a series of technical papers relating to the PRACTICES OF FISHERIES MANAGEMENT, a list of which you will find at the end of the document.


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For bibliographic purposes this document should be cited as follows:

Arzel, P., 1984 Traditional management of seaweeds in the district of Leon. FAO Fish. Tech. Pap., (249):49 p.


This document describes and analyzes the customs and practices concerning the exploitation, allocation and conservation of seaweed resources in the area of Léon, one of the provinces of Brittany. It constitutes one of a series of technical documents prepared by the Fishery Policy and Planning Division of FAO on the principles and various methods of fisheries management. The author demonstrates that the community composed of seaweed harvesters of the Léon manages the harvest by establishing, for instance, cutting periods and exploitation rotation, as well as regulating the use of tools and practices which might damage the resources. The study also notes that the allocation and share of resources is ruled by a set of regulations regarding effort and competition in order to ensure a more rational and equitable resource management. The author concludes that this traditional management scheme has promoted the rational exploitation of the seaweed stocks and the involvement of the community in this exploitation.

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