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29. Echinococcosis/hydatidosis surveillance, prevention and control: FAO/UNEP/WHO guidelines, 1982 (E*)

30. Sheep and goat breeds of India, 1982 (E*)

31. Hormones in animal production, 1982 (E*)

32. Crop residues and agro-industrial by-products in animal feeding, 1982 (E/F*)

33. Haemorrhagic septicaemia, 1982 (E* F*)

34. Breeding plans for ruminant livestock in the tropics, 1982 (E* S*)

35. Off-tastes in raw and reconstituted milk, 1983 (E* F* S*)

36. Ticks and tick-borne diseases: selected articles from World Animal Review, 1983 (E* F* S*)

37. African animal trypanosomiasis: selected articles from World Animal Review, 1983 (E* F* S*)

38. Diagnosis and vaccination for the control of brucellosis in the Near East, 1983 (E*)

39. Solar energy in small-scale milk collection and processing, 1983 (E*)

40. Intensive sheep production in the Near East, 1983 (E*)

41. Integrating crops and livestock in West Africa, 1983 (E*)

42. Animal energy in agriculture in Africa and Asia, 1984 (E*)

43. Olive by-products for animal feed, 1985 (Ar* E* F* S*)

44/1. Animal genetic resources conservation by management, data banks and training, 1984 (E*)

44/2. Animal genetic resources cryogenic storage of germplasm and molecular engineering, 1984 (E*)

45. Maintenance systems for the dairy plant, 1984 (E*)

46. Livestock breeds of China, 1985 (E*)

47. Réfrigération du lait à la ferme et organisation des transports, 1985 (F*)

Availability: June 1985

C - Chinese
E - English
F - French
S - Spanish
* Available
** Out of print
*** In preparation

The FAO Technical Papers are available through the authorized FAO Sales Agents or directly from Distribution and Sales Section, FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy.


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