FOSA Country Report - Eritrea







Table of Contents

Forestry Outlook Study for Africa (FOSA)


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Table of Contents


1. Forest Resources in Eritrea

2. Change Drivers

2.1. Development Oriented Land Tenure System

2.2. Land for Agriculture and Grazing

2.3. Forest Fires

2.4. Alternative Energy Resources

2.5. Governmental Institution and Budget

2.6. Trained Manpower

2.7. Extension Services and Public Awareness

2.8. Standard of Living

2.9. Housing and other Construction Purposes

2.10. Proper/Conducive Forestry and Wildlife Policy

2.11. Factories and Industries

3. Forestry Sector

3.1. Natural Forests

3.2. Plantation Forestry

3.3. Choice of species

3.4. Species Survival

3.5. Economic contributions of Natural Forests and Plantations to Wood and Non-Wood Production

4. Change facilitators

4.1. Implementation of the new Land Tenure Policy

4.2. Provision of Alternative Fuels (Modern Fuels)

4.3. Capacity Building and Budget Allocation

4.5. Agricultural Concessions

4.6. Implementation of the new Forestry and Wildlife Sector Policy

4.7. Development of Tourism

4.8. Infrastructure Development

4.9. Decentralisation

4.10. Introduction of Modern Management Principles

4.11. Improve Agricultural Sector to Enhance Productivity.

4.12.Regional and International Collaboration

4.13.Monitoring, Evaluation and Statistics

5. Summary and Conclusions


Table 1: Economic Patterns and Sectoral shares to GDP

Table 2: Forest/Woodland Vegetation Areas of the State of Eritrea.

Table 3. Estimated Quantity of fuelwood (air-dried) that can be produced on sustainable basis from the National Forests/ Woodlands of the Western Lowlands.

Table 4. Biomass Energy Consumption in Tones: 1994-1999

Table 5 Fuelwood Consumption by Household in 1998

Table 6(a) Imported Wood Products in Quantity

Table 6(b) Imported Wood Products in Value (US$)

Table 8. Government Sponsored Achievements of Conservation Programmes (1991-1999)

Table 9. Plantation Establishment Record (1996).

Table 10. Forest produce (tones) for which License Issued: 1992-1999.

Table 11. Species Planted: 1996

Table 12.Comparison of Total Final Energy Supply.

Table 13. Household Energy Consumption in 1997and 1998.

Table 14. Energy Demand: Fuel by Year, all Sectors (000 Tones Oil Equivalent).

Table 15 Energy Demand: Sector by Year.

Table 16. Manpower Requirements

Table 17: Domestic Tourist Trips 2000-2020.

Table 18: International Tourist Arrivals to Eritrea 1994-2000

Table 19.International Tourist Arrival Market Targets 2005-2020.

Table 20. List of Potential/Proposed Forest Closures in Hectares.

Table 21. List of Potential Forest Closures