The First Asian Regional Round-Table on Sustainable, Organic and Speciality Coffee Production, Processing and Marketing

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Edited by
Keith Chapman
Suranant Subhadrabandhu

26th-28th February 2001
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Royal Project Foundation supported by and in association with FAO


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First Asian Regional Round-table on Sustainable, Organic and Speciality Coffee Production, Processing and Marketing/edited by Keith Chapman and Suranant Subhadrabandhu.

Includes bibliographical references.

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Table of Contents



Opening Address

Welcome Remarks


International Cooperation for the Development of a Sustainable Coffee Economy
Introduction to the First Regional Round-table on Sustainable Organic and Specialty Coffee, Production Processing and Marketing
The Factors of Quality in Green Coffee Beans
Coffee Production Status and Potential of Organic Arabica Coffee in Thailand
Specialty/Organic Coffee Industry of East Timor
The Coffee Industry of Lao and Prospects for a Speciality/Organic Coffee Industry
Postharvest Processing and Quality Assurance for Speciality/Organic Coffee Products
Present Status of Coffee Industry in Vietnam and Opportunities for Specialty/Organic coffee Production
Coffee Production, Processing and Marketing in Myanmar Experience and Prospects for Organic/Specialty Coffee
Coffee Cultivation and Production in Myanmar
Organic/Specialty Coffee-the Indonesian Experience
Selecting and Screening Arabica Coffee for Rust Resistance


Questions and Answers


Issues and Proposed Interventions
Summary of Coffee Technology Needs and Interventions etc.


Organic Coffee, Protocols, Standards and Registration Procedures
Improve Your Coffee Quality by the Prevention of Mould Growth
Global Perspectives in Coffee Quality Improvement


Appendix 1: Attendance list
Appendix 2: List of contacts