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As much of the information in the book has been collected over years of field work and travel, it is not possible to identify all the farmers and technicians who have provided information and examples, but gratitude is due to them.

Information on hay was provided for Afghanistan by Dr O. Thieme, Dr S. G. Safi, Abdul Fattah and Anthony Fitzherbert (who also provided much information on Turkey and Central Asia); for traditional haymaking in Ethiopia, Alemayehu Mengitsu; Boubacar Ly on the introduction of haymaking to the Sahel and Savannah Zones of West Africa; on teff hay in South Africa, Ms Sigrun Kassier; for Mongolia, Dr Erdenbaataar; for Pakistan, Dr Dost Mohammad and Dr Sadaqat H. Hanjra provided much material; Dr Bimal Misri contributed the section on India and Nepal; for haymaking in the Chaco of Argentina, Hector Eduardo Perez; and for Nicaragua, Ir. Pascal Elegeert.

The School of Agriculture of Aberdeen University provided much assistance and library facilities.

Photographs not by the author are acknowledged individually. Stephen Reynolds and Caterina Batello provided comments on an earlier version of the manuscript. Initial editing and formatting was undertaken by Andrew Speedy. Thorgeir Lawrence undertook the final editing, formatting and preparation for publication.

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