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Starting the process

The submission of this Task Force report to the Secretary-General marks the beginning of a process that should lead to the implementation of specific investment projects and supporting programmes at the national and regional levels, aimed at eliminating famine and food insecurity in the Horn of Africa. Outlined below is a tentative programme of tasks that would need to be initiated quickly in order to maintain the momentum that has been generated by the work of the Task Force. The immediate time horizon is mid-2001.


The ACC meeting scheduled for 27 and 28 October 2000 would be the forum at which the Task Force report is discussed and decisions taken about possible follow-up actions. This should include agreements on the following:


In view of the importance of food security issues in the programmes of the UN agencies represented in the Horn of Africa countries, a meeting of the UN Country Teams from the seven countries concerned should be called soon after the ACC meeting. This meeting would include:


The ACC should decide on the immediate steps that need to be taken to mobilize resources from the World Bank, IFAD, ADB, IDB, the EU and bilateral donors, and from the private sector. In pursuit of this objective, governments in the region, and their partners in the UN agencies, would need to:


The process of formulating CFSPs and the RFSP should begin as soon as initial funding has been secured, with UN agencies providing all necessary support to this government-led initiative. The steps involved in this would include:


If it is decided to proceed with the follow up activities proposed in the Task Force report, the ACC might wish to consider the possibility of holding a regional conference to launch the implementation phase. Such a meeting, in which governments (preferably represented by Heads of State), the principal donors, UN agencies and NGOs would participate, could be scheduled for mid-2001, at which point the individual CFSPs and the RFSP would have been formulated.11 The main objectives of the conference would be:

to reach agreement on a system for reporting progress and a set of objectively verifiable indicators to measure the impact of the programmes being implemented.

In the run up to the regional conference, a publicity campaign should be initiated, directed to donor agencies and countries in the Western world, to raise public awareness of the new resolve on the part of governments, UN agencies, donors and NGOs to tackle the underlying causes of famine and food insecurity in the Horn of Africa.




30 September
27/28 October
January to June 2001
July 2001

Submission of Final Report to Secretary-General
ACC Meeting in New York
Mobilization of resources for CFSP/RFSP formulation phase
Meeting of Horn of Africa Country Teams
Start-up process of CFSP and RFSP formulation
CFSP and RFSP formulation
High-Level Regional Meeting.

11 Such a high-level meeting could be scheduled to coincide with the annual IGAD Heads of State meeting..

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