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Annex 4

Export papaya agreement

Papaya registration form

The Company offers to buy fresh papaya of export quality as per National Marketing Authority (NMA) specifications. The conditions under which the crop is to be grown and purchased are outlined below:


  1. The Company will allocate quotas that must not be exceeded.
  2. All production activities must be in accordance with the Company's recommendations. Only varieties supplied by the Company may be planted.
  3. The Company agrees to buy all exportable fruit produced from the allocated quota.
  4. No fruit should be sold to any other person without prior approval by the Company.

Financial and Administrative

  1. All seedlings and basic chemicals, fertilizers, etc., will be supplied and charged to the farmers' accounts.
  2. Purchasing of clean fruit will be done by Company buyers and fruit will be graded as per the export specification and standards set by the NMA.
  3. No fruit that originates outside the given quota is to be presented for sale.
  4. The Company will buy all exportable quality fruit as per standard specification at............cts/kg at a designated buying point.
  5. Payment will be made on a fortnightly basis with 25 percent of gross sales proceeds being deducted for advances until the total sum is recovered.
  6. If you agree and are willing to grow export papaya, please sign and return this form by ..........
  7. This agreement is valid until.........

Farmer's Signature__________________________


Company Manager__________________________


Farmer Representative (as witness)____________

Quota ___________ (ha)

Source: Eaton, C.S., 1988b: 132.

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