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Annex 6

Job description for field extension officers

1. Basic function

  1. To execute and manage day-to-day aspects of crops within the area of responsibility as defined by the Extension Manager.

2. Skills required

  1. Ability to motivate farmers and impart knowledge to them in order to achieve desired production targets.
  2. Knowledge and experience of general agricultural practices.
  3. Ability to compile periodic progress reports.
  4. Ability to use and maintain farm implements.

3. Working relationships

  1. Reports directly to the Extension Manager who is responsible for all Company projects.
  2. Maintains contact with all Company field and clerical staff.
  3. Supervises farmers and external ploughing contractors directly.

4. Specific duties and responsibilities

  1. Implement planting programmes and check that farmers do not exceed allocated quotas.
  2. Organize all field cultivation ensuring that the required standard is maintained.
  3. Supply (and invoice) farmers with all the agreed inputs, fertilizers, chemicals, insecticides, etc., ensuring that issues do not exceed the required amount.
  4. Be conversant with the overall Company policy in respect of a particular crop's diversification objectives.
  5. Buy the farmers' crops in accordance with the buying policy and procedure for that particular crop.
  6. Participate and contribute in all the programmes conducted by the training manager.
  7. Submit stock returns and notify stock clerk of any obsolete or damaged product.
  8. Carry out any other duty as required by the Company.

5. Key performance measures

  1. Effective implementation of Company's policies and timely implementation of duties.
  2. Ability to lead and motivate farmers.
  3. Maintenance of positive contacts with farmer representatives and promotion of good farmer relationships.

Source: Eaton, C.S., 1988: 122-123.

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