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The book Animal production based on crop residues - Chinese experiences has finally been made available in English. Its publication has been possible thanks to thousands of technical staff who are working in the front line of animal production. They have been the ones who have popularized the new technology and who have accumulated the valuable experiences that are the source of this book. We express our deep appreciation to FAO for supporting the preparation of this book. In addition, the Bureau of Animal Production and Health, Department of International Cooperation (Ministry of Agriculture, PRC) and the China Agricultural University and their staff, contributed to the editing and offered technical and financial assistance. In the name of the group of authors, we thank them all.

We, the editors, also thank Professor Liu Xiangyang, Dr Wang Congling, Dr Kongyuan and Dr Zhou Jianqiang from China Agricultural University, and Mr Zhang Zhiqing from MOA, for their hard work in typing, drawing, proof reading and editing.

Guo Tingshuang
Manuel D. Sánchez
Guo Peiyu

May, 2001

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