This document was preceded by FAO Fisheries Technical Paper No. 288, Production and Utilization of Products from Commercial Seaweeds and GLOBEFISH Research Programme Vol. 48, Seaweed Production and Markets, both by the same author and published in 1987 and 1996 respectively. Since these are out-of-print it was considered timely to report on the prospects for seaweed production and seaweed products in developing countries and to consider the possible role for FAO to promote development.

McHugh, D.J. Prospects for seaweed production in developing countries. FAO Fisheries Circular. No. 968. Rome, FAO. 2002. 28p.


This circular provides an overview of the seaweed industry and the uses of seaweeds. It reports on future prospects for the seaweed industry in the different developing regions and countries and with due consideration of past experience it offers suggestions and directions for FAO involvement in the support of seaweed industries in developing countries.


The author wishes to thank the following who contributed information and many of the ideas and suggestions that made this report possible.

K. Mshigeni, R.J. Anderson, H. Oyieke, S. Bandeira, B. Ndaw, R. Lebbar, A. Boraso, E. Oliveira, E. Pena, J. Zertuche, J. Forsyth, A. Suels, M. Capecchi, A. Renoux, H. Porse, D. Myslabodski, D. Luxton, E. Ask, C. Yarish, Huynh Quang Nang, S.P. Samarakoon, A.K.M. Nurul, C.H. Sohn, S. Chandrkrachang, Phang Siew Moi, C.Y. Wu, T. Ahmad, K. Soerianto, X.G. Fei.