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FAO technical papers


1. Land and water integration and river basin management, 1995 (E)

2. Planning for sustainable use of land resources -

Towards a new approach, 1995 (E)

3. Water sector policy review and strategy formulation - A general framework, 1995 (E)

4. Irrigation potential in Africa - A basin approach, 1997 (E)

5. Land quality indicators and their use in sustainable agriculture and rural development, 2001 (E S)

6. Long-term scenarios of livestock-crop-land use interactions in developing countries, 1997 (E)

7. Land and water resources information systems, 1998(E)

8. Manual on integrated soil management and conservation practices, 2000 (E F S)

9. Land-water linkages in rural watersheds, 2002 (E)

Availability: April 2002

Ar - Arabic
C - Chinese
E - English
F - French
P - Portuguese
S - Spanish

Multil - Multilingual
* Out of print
** In preparation

The FAO Technical Papers are available through the authorized FAO Sales Agents or directly from Sales and Marketing Group, FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla, 00100 Rome, Italy.

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