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Jute and hard fibres

Main policy areas



  • Jute and hard fibres and products thereof are covered under the Agreement on Textiles and Clothing, not under the AoA. Other general provisions of the GATT apply to these products.

Market Access

  • Some developing countries apply tariffs on some processed fibre products; Government procurement practices in India prohibit the purchase of imported products.

Domestic supports

  • Not relevant.

Export subsidies

  • Some export subsidies are provided by India and Bangladesh for certain jute products.

Export credits

  • Not relevant.

State Trading Enterprises

  • While still operating in some countries in Asia (in particular China), STE interference in the sector has been progressively scaled back over recent years.

Export restrictions and prohibitions

  • Used only occasionally in a some developing countries.

Food security

  • Exports of these commodities provide income vital for food purchases by people who, in many cases, are among the poorest.

Food safety

  • Not relevant.

Rural development

  • Important.

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