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Papers presented at the Norway-FAO Expert Consultation on the Management of Shared Fish Stocks. Bergen, Norway, 7-10 October 2002.

FAO Fisheries Report. No. 695, Suppl. Rome, FAO. 2003. 240p.


The Norway-FAO Expert Consultation was held in recognition of the fact that the management of shared fishery resources remains one of the great challenges on the way towards achieving long-term sustainable fisheries. A critical input into the proceedings of the Expert Consultation were two discussion papers and 12 case studies. The first discussion paper addresses the basic requirements and principles for successful management of shared fish stocks derived from game theoretical considerations and practical experiences. The second discussion paper presents the legal aspects of the management of shared fish stocks including relevant provisions in the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and other international legal instruments. The case studies present experiences with the management of shared fish stocks from various regions of the world. The case studies identify critical success factors in the various stages and for the various functions of cooperative management including information exchange and sharing, negotiating agreements, implementation procedures and related institutional and legal arrangements.

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