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1 Soils of the arid zones of Chile, 1965 (E*)

2 A survey of soils laboratories in sixty-four FAO member countries, 1965 (E*)

3 Guide on general and specialized equipment for soils laboratories, 1966 (E*)

4 Guide to sixty soil and water conservation practices, 1966 (E*)

5 Selection of soil for cocoa, 1966 (E* F* S*)

6 Aerial photo interpretation in soil survey, 1967 (C* E* F* S*)

7 A practical manual of soil microbiology laboratory methods, 1967 (E*)

8 Soil survey interpretation and its use, 1967 (E*)

9 The preparation of soil survey reports, 1970 (E* F* S*)

10 Physical and chemical methods of soil and water analysis, 1970 (E F S)

11 Soil fertility investigations on farmers' fields, 1970 (E F S*)

12 The response of wheat to fertilizers, 1971 (E)

13 Land degradation, 1971 (C* E*)

14 Improving soil fertility in Africa, 1971 (E* F*)

15 Legislative principles of soil conservation, 1971 (E*)

16 Effects of intensive fertilizer use on the human environment, 1972 (E)

17 Trace elements in soils and agriculture, 1972 (E F S*)

18 Guide to the calibration of soil tests for fertilizer recommendations, 1973 (E S*)

19 Soil survey interpretation for engineering purposes, 1973 (E F* S*)

20 Fertilizer legislation, 1973 (E* S)

21 Calcareous soils, 1973 (E* F*)

22 Approaches to land classification, 1974 (E*)

23 Management properties of ferralsols, 1974 (E)

24 Shifting cultivation and soil conservation in Africa, 1974 (E* F S)

25 Sandy soils, 1975 (E*)

26 Planning and organization of fertilizer development in Africa, 1975 (E*)

27 Organic materials as fertilizers, 1975 (E* F* S*)

28 S.I. Units and nomenclature in soil science, 1975 (E)

29 Land evaluation in Europe, 1975 (E*)

30 Soil conservation for developing countries, 1976 (Ar C* E* F* S*)

31 Prognosis of salinity and alkalinity, 1976 (E)

32 A framework for land evaluation, 1976 (C* E* F* S*)

33 Soil conservation and management in developing countries, 1977 (E F)

34 Assessing soil degradation, 1977 (E*)

35 Organic materials and soil productivity, 1977 (C* E)

36 Organic recycling in Asia, 1978 (C* E*)

37 Improved use of plant nutrients, 1978 (C* E)

38/1 Soil and plant testing and analysis, 1980 (E)

38/2 Soil and plant testing as a basis of fertilizer recommendations, 1980 (E* S*)

39 Salt-affected soils and their management, 1988 (Ar E)

40 China: recycling of organic wastes in agriculture, 1977 (E F* S)

41 China: azolla propagation and small-scale biogas technology, 1978 (E* F S)

42 Soil survey investigations for irrigation, 1979 (C* E F)

43 Organic recycling in Africa, 1980 (E)

44 Watershed development with special reference to soil and water conservation, 1979 (C* E F S*)

45 Organic materials and soil productivity in the Near East, 1982 (E with Arabic summary)

46 Blue-green algae for rice production + a manual for its promotion, 1981 (E)

47 Le recyclage des résidus agricoles organiques en Afrique, 1982 (F)

48 Micronutrients and the nutrient status of soils: a global study, 1982 (E)

49 Application of nitrogen-fixing systems in soil management, 1982 (C* E F S*)

50 Keeping the land alive: soil erosion + its causes and cures, 1983 (E F S)

51 El reciclaje de materias orgánicas en la agricultura de América Latina, 1983 (S*)

52 Guidelines: land evaluation for rainfed agriculture, 1983 (C** E F S)

53 Improved production systems as an alternative to shifting cultivation, 1984 (E F S)

54 Tillage systems for soil and water conservation, 1984 (C E F S*)

55 Guidelines: land evaluation for irrigated agriculture, 1985 (C E F S)

56 Soil management: compost production and use in tropical and subtropical environments, 1987 (E F S)

57 Soil and water conservation in semi-arid areas, 1987 (C E F)

58 Guidelines: land evaluation for extensive grazing, 1991 (E)

59 Nature and management of tropical peat soils, 1988 (E)

60 Soil conservation for small farmers in the humid tropics, 1989 (E S)

61 Radioactive fallout in soils, crops and food, 1989 (E F S)

62 Management of gypsiferous soils, 1990 (Ar** E)

63 Micronutrient assessment at the country level: an international study, 1990 (E)

64 A study of the reasons for success or failure of soil conservation projects, 1991 (E F S)

65 Status of cadmium, lead, cobalt and selenium in soils and plants of thirty countries, 1992 (E)

66 Manual de sistemas de labranza para América Latina, 1992 (S)

67 Agro-ecological assessments for national planning: the example of Kenya, 1993 (E)

68 Field measurement of soil erosion and runoff, 1993 (E F S)

69 Soil tillage in Africa: needs and challenges, 1993 (E)

70 Land husbandry: components and strategy, 1996 (E F)

71 Tillage systems in the tropics: management options and sustainability implications, 1995 (E)

72 Sustainable dryland cropping in relation to soil productivity, 1995 (E)

73 Agro-ecological zoning - guidelines, 1996 (E)

74 Guidelines for quality management in soil and plant laboratories, 1998 (E)

75 New concepts and approaches to land management in the tropics with emphasis on steeplands, 1999 (E S)

76 Land and crop management in the hilly terrains of Central America: lessons learned and farmer-to-farmer transfer of technologies, 1999 (E S)

77 Soil management and conservation for small farms: strategies and methods of introduction, technologies and equipment, 2000 (E S)

78 Conservation agriculture - case studies in Latin America and Africa, 2001 (E S)

79 Optimizing soil moisture for plant production - the significance of soil porosity, 2003 (E)

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