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For the first edition

We are grateful to INFOODS (Dr N.S. Scrimshaw and Dr V.R. Young) for providing the initial impetus for the project and for financial support which enabled its commencement. Thanks are also due to Prof R.F. Curtis, AFRC Food Research Institute, Norwich (United Kingdom) for administrative support of the first phase of the project. In addition, thanks are due to the many people who contributed ideas, skills or information for the initial draft. They include: the INFOODS review committee members, N-G. Asp, R. Bressani, M. Deutsch, H. Herstel, J.C. Klensin, J. Pennington, W.M. Rand, R. Sawyer, W. Wolf, V.R. Young. In the United Kingdom: A. Broadhurst, D.H. Buss, J.R. Cooke, K.C. Day, R.M. Faulks, A.A. Paul, L. Stockley, G. Mason, E.M. Widdowson. In the United States: G. Beecher, F. Hepburn, J. Holden, B. Perloff, K.K. Stewart. In Italy: F. Fidanza, J. Perissé, W. Polacchi. In the Netherlands: R. Breedveld, A.E. Cramwinckel, M.B. Katan, M. van Stigt Thans, C.E. West. In Indonesia: D. Karyadi. In Thailand: A. Valyasevi, K. Tontisirin. In India: K. Pant, K. Doesthale, B.S. Narasinga Rao. In Australia: K. Cashel, R. English, G. Hutchison, A.R. Johnson, J.H. Makinson, A.S. Truswell, R.B.H. Wills, M. Wootton. In Sweden: Å. Bruce, L. Bergström.

We are particularly grateful to Dr C.E. West and the FLAIR Concerted Action No. 12 EUROFOODS-Enfant Project for enabling the completion and publication of this book and to Dr L. Tomatis (Director) and Dr E. Riboli (Head, Nutrition and Cancer Programme) of the International Agency for Research on Cancer for administrative support for completion of the book for publication. Our thanks are due to the participants of the FLAIR EUROFOODS-Enfant Concerted Action for reviewing the final draft: A. Amorin Cruz (Portugal), W. Becker (Sweden), H.K. Hendrickx (Belgium), P. Hollman (Netherlands), M.T. Fernández Muñoz (Spain), I. Martins (Portugal), D.L. Massart (Belgium), M.L. Ovaskainen (Finland), A.H. Rimestad (Norway), I. Torelm (Sweden) and C.E. West (Netherlands). We are very grateful for their comments, which have been extremely valuable in preparing the final version. Thanks are due also to W. Horwitz for comments on Chapter 5. We also acknowledge the advice of J. Cheney, B. Hémon and M. Friesen (IARC).

For the second edition

The authors would like to express their deep gratitude to B. Burlingame, Director of INFOODS (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [FAO]/United Nations University) for initiating and resourcing the second edition under the aegis of FAO. They also acknowledge the work of B. Burlingame and R. Charrondiere (FAO) for revisions and updates to the manuscript.

 For this edition, the authors and editors are grateful to the following people for their reviews: W. Schüep (Switzerland), H. Schonfeldt and L. Smit (South Africa), S. Gilani (Canada), P.J.M. Hulshof (Netherlands), A. Sinclair (Australia), P. Finglas (United Kingdom), H. Boon (Australia) and the members of the INFOODS Food Composition mailing list for their responses to surveys. We also acknowledge the work of G. di Felice (FAO) and S. Debreczevi (UNSW) for secretarial assistance.

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