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No 44

Environment in decentralized development - Economic and institutional issues, 2002

No 43

WinDASI User Manual, 2000.

No 42

Agro-Industrial Policy Reviews - Methodological Guidelines, 1998

No 41

The Implications of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture for Developing Countries: A Training Manual, 1998

No 40

Implications of Economic Policy for Food Security - A Training Manual, 1996

No 39

Macroeconomía y políticas agrícolas: une guía metodológica, 1995

No 38/1
No 38/2

Sustainability Issues in Agriculture and Rural Development Policies - A Training Package. Volumes 1 and 2, 1994

No 37/1

District Planning: Lessons from India - Planning Guide, 1995

No 36

Analyse de filière: application à l’analyse d’une filière d’exportation, 1993

No 35

Note de méthodologie générale sur l’analyse de filière: utilisation de l’analyse de filière pour l’analyse économique des politiques, 1993

No 34

Guidelines on Social Analysis for Rural Area Development Planning, 1993

No 33

Trainer’s Guide: Concepts, Principles, and Methods of Training with Special Reference to Agricultural Development, 1993 (E/F/S. Excerpts available in Chinese)

No 32

L’approche gestion des terroirs: ouvrage collectif, 1993

No 31

Agricultural Price Policy: Government and the Market, 1992 (E/F)

No 30

Economic Analysis of Agricultural Policies: A Basic Training Manual with Special Reference to Price Analysis, 1992 (E/F/A*/)

No 29

Training for Decentralized Planning: Lessons from Experience, 1987 (E/F)

No 28

Programmation et préparation de petites opérations de développement rural, 1992

No 27/1
No 27/2

Rural Area Development Planning: Principles, Approaches, and Tools of Economic Analysis. Volumes 1 and 2, 1991

No 26

Planification régionale du secteur agricole: Notions et techniques économiques, 1991

No 25

Structural Adjustment and Agriculture, Report of an In-service Training Seminar for FAO Staff, 1991

No 24

Guide pour la formation de formateurs, 1991

No 23/1

Energy for Sustainable Rural Development Projects - A Reader, 1991

No 23/2

Energy for Sustainable Rural Development Projects - Case Studies, 1991

*/ Arabic version to be requested from Regional Office for the Near East, PO Box 2223, Cairo, Egypt.


(Computerized system for Agricultural and PopulationPlanning Assistance and training)

No 22/8

Comment organiser un cours et d’autres activités de formation sur CAPPA

No 22/7

Population et main d’oeuvre dans CAPPA, 1994

No 22/6

Analysis of a Cappa Scenario, 1993 (E,F)

No 22/5

A case study of the use of the CAPPA system: Cappa - Ghana, 1993

No 22/4

Projection of agricultural supply in CAPPA, 1991 (E/F/S)

No 22/3

Reference international data for CAPPA applications, 1992

No 22/2

Setting targets for agricultural planning: From macroeconomic projections to commodity balances: an illustration with the CAPPA system, 1991 (E/F/S/A)

No 22/1

The use of scenarios in agricultural sector analysis - The CAPPA system and other approaches, 1991 (E/F/S/A)

No 22

CAPPA Manual, 1992 (E/F/S)

No 21

Rural Area Development Planning: A Review and Synthesis of Approaches, 1990 (E/F)

No 20

Preparaçao participativa dos projectos de desenvolvimento agrícola/rural: Documento metodológico, 1988

No 19

Manuel de préparation des microréalisations, 1988

No 18

Linkages between Policy Analysis, National Planning and Decentralized Planning for Rural Development, 1989

No 17

Design of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (Corum-Cankiri, Turkey), 1989

No 16

Identification and Appraisal of Small-Scale Rural Energy Projects, 1989

No 15

Structural Adjustment Programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1989

No 14

Policy Analysis for Food and Agricultural Development: Basic Data Series and their Uses, 1988


Formulation of Agricultural and Rural Investment Projects: Planning tools, Case Studies and Exercises, 1994 (available in English, French and Spanish)

Guide for Training in the Formulation of Agricultural and Rural Investment Projects, 1986 (available in English and French)

Copies of these materials can be requested from:

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Information Division
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
00100 Rome, Italy
email: [email protected]
Fax: 0039 06 570 53360

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