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Preparation of this document

The fisheries sector plays an important role in many developing countries, contributing towards food security, generation of employment and procurement of foreign exchange. It is becoming increasingly clear that many fish resources are being subjected to exploitation at or above their capacity to remain sustainable. At the same time, there is a very large wastage of fishery resources as a result of discarding unwanted catches at sea, and failure, particularly in smaller vessels, to preserve effectively those fish that are marketable. Under these circumstances, the need for improved handling, care and preservation of the catch is clear.

This publication deals with the use of ice, improved fish storage and preservation on small fishing vessels, including the technology aspects of making and handling ice - both on shore and on board fishing boats, the construction of fish boxes and fish holds, and fish handling. It is aimed at personnel, primarily in developing countries, with varying degrees of knowledge on the subject, including students, government technical and training officers, boatyard staff, refrigeration engineers and mechanics, and boat owners.

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