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FAO Diversification booklets aim to raise awareness and provide information about opportunities at the farm and local community level to increase small-scale farmer income. Each booklet will focus on a specific farm or nonfarm enterprise or technology that experience has shown can be integrated successfully into small farms or at a local community level. We explore the potential benefits associated with new activities and technologies, as well as appropriateness and viability in differing circumstances.

The main target audience for FAO Diversification booklets are people and organizations that provide advisory, business and technical support services to resource-poor small-scale farmers and local communities in low- and middleincome countries. We hope to provide enough information to help these support service providers consider new income-generating opportunities, and how they might enable small-scale farmers to take action. What are farmer requirements and constraints? What are critical "success factors"?

FAO Diversification booklets are also targeted to policy level people in government and non-governmental organizations. What actions might policymakers take to create enabling environments for small-scale farmers to diversify into new income-generating activities?

It is important to point out that the Diversification booklets are not intended to be technical "how to do it" guidelines. In order to provide farmer advisory and support activities relating to introduction of new income-generating activities, most organizations will find it necessary to seek more information or technical support. For these organizations, each booklet identifies complementary sources of information and technical support.

If you find this booklet of value we would like to hear from you. Tell your colleagues and friends about it. If you have any suggestions where we can make changes for the better in our next edition, or topics for other booklets - this is equally important. By sharing your views and ideas with us we can eventually provide better services to you.

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