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The Bahamian finger pepper, a land variety developed by farmers over many years, became critically endangered due to the devastation caused by successive hurricanes.

Recognizing the importance of this pepper to the incomes of small farmers, the Government of the Bahamas sought the assistance of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the Unites Nations to preserve and improve this valuable plant genetic resource for future generations of Bahamians.

This booklet provides valuable infomation to support small farmers involved in finger pepper production throughout the Bahamas.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Local Government would like to thank FAO, on behalf of the farmers in the Bahamas for funding the establishment of a national seed laboratory. Sincere thanks is extended to international team leader, Giuseppe De Bac for the preparation of the booklet and technical support to the project as well as TCDC consultant Emmanuel Lujuo for his on-farm training of farmers.

The Ministry would also wish to acknowledge the national staff, Stephen Adderley, Godfrey Deveaux and Basil Miller who provided valuable support to the implementation of the project.

Camille Johnson
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Local Government
The Bahamas

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