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Presentations (Only for the CD-ROM)


Presentation 1.1

Introduction to the workshop.


Presentation 3.1

The concept of quality applied to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Presentation 3.2

Maintaining the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables throughout the post-harvest handling chain.

Presentation 3.3

Case study. Quality assurance program for export markets for Physalis (Cape gooseberry).


Presentation 4.1

Importance of safety in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Presentation 4.2

Codex Standards on safety.

Presentation 4.3

Contamination hazards in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Presentation 4.4

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).

Presentation 4.5

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Presentation 4.6

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Presentation 4.7

HACCP applied to primary production.

Presentation 4.8

Case study. Safety assurance of Physalis (Cape gooseberry) for export purposes.


Presentation 5.1

Importance of certification and other quality assurance schemes for the horticultural sector.

Presentation 5.2

Case Study. FDF Program, Chile.

Presentation 5.3

Case Study. PIPAA Program, Guatemala.

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